Lansana Kallon Narrowly Escapes Death At Hands Of Community Youths

Reports reaching this medium reveal that a young man by the name of Lansana Kallon, narrowly escaped death at the hands of community youths after he was caught red-handed in same sex act with an underaged boy.
According to investigation mounted by this medium, it was revealed that Lansana Kallon was a practicing gay, a condition unknown to his parents and members in the community. As a young boy, he lost his mother in 2015 to the Ebola epidemic in the country, and was living with his father and step-mother in Pujehun, Southern Sierra Leone. It was also disclosed that after the death of his mother in 2015, he dropped out of school, as his father was unable to foot his schooling.
During our investigation, one Mohamed Fallah, a close friend of Kallon, explained that he has known Kallon since childhood, but only started suspecting him of being a gay late in 2018. He furthered that Kallon was first accused of being gay, early in 2018, by his step-mother, but most people did not take the matter serious, as it is common place for a cold war to develop between step-mothers and their step-sons or daughters. They thought that it was a ploy by the step-mother to create animosity between the father and his son. This insinuation gained currency, as the father was a very devout Islamic scholar, the Chief Muazin (Imam) of Mallien Chiefdom, Pujehun District, Southern Province, and a highly respected figure in the community.

Fallah explained that Lansana Kallon ran out of luck when he was caught in the act at his residence with an underage boy, one Lamin Sillah, an 18 years old school boy, who is said to have been his partner.

According to family sources, on the night of 10th February 2022, Kallon was caught in the act by his cousin, Fatima, who had left her phone in his room on charge, and accidentally bumped into the room, finding both Lansana and Lamin naked on the bed. She is said to have raised an alarm, which brought the step-mother, neighbors and community youths to the scene. He was then dragged out of the house and mercilessly beaten by the youths, who later took him to a nearby bush ‘to teach him a lesson’, a term used to execute someone in the village (mob justice).
According to family sources, Lansana is said to have been acting strangely since he dropped out of school, and has been seen in the company of Lamin Sillah. Both of them had on several occasions refused to allow others to join them when they go out. It was also revealed that at the time the incident took place, Lansana’s father was not at home, and on his return, he was updated on the incident. At the initial stage, Kallon’s Father denied that his son could be engaged in such immoral and demonic act, as he grew up in a humble Islamic home, but as more revelations came up, he became furious, and vowed to personally kill Lansana if he finds him, as his act has brought huge disgrace to him and his family.
To make matters worse, the family of Lamin Sillah, upon hearing the news about what transpired between their son and Lansana, reported Lansana Kallon to the Pujehun Police station, of sexually abusing their son, stressing that Sillah is an underage boy attending school.
The police then went on a man-hunt for Lansana Kallon. Every known hideout was raided by the police, to no avail, and a warrant of arrest was issued for him.
According to the close friend of Lansana, he has not seen his friend since that night when he was taken into the nearby bush, and does not know if he is alive or dead. Family members say that since the youths took Lansana from them, they have not seen him, and even wished him dead for bringing disgrace to the family name.
Police sources confirmed that they are looking for Lansana Kallon and when caught, he will face the law and that may likely land him in prison,
It should be noted that the practice of homosexuality and lesbianism are illegal in the country, and described by both religious faiths in the country as satanic and should not be encouraged. Even several advocates for the rights of gay and lesbians have been killed, with some of them escaping the country. Prison term for such offence is in not less that 10 years, but if a suspect is unlucky to fall into the hands of the community youths, he is easily disposed of, with no regrets, and the police seldom investigate such matters, as it is said to be a taboo, and would often say they did not know about the incident.
Meanwhile, during our investigation, neighbor’s came out in numbers, complaining bitterly, as to how they have been suspecting Lansana of trying to persuade their boys to embrace this sinful act, and would not have him in their midst. Meanwhile, some of the youths who took Kallon to the bush said that he managed to wrestle free from their grip and disappeared into the night in the bush. They maintained that they raided the surrounding bushes, but were unable to find him, and vowed to teach him that lesson that they promised him, when found.
As we go to press, both the police and community are still looking for Lansana Kallon, and his whereabouts are still unknown.

Kallon’s case is just one of few captured by this media, and our investigation of such matters had revealed that many of these gay and lesbian activists had suffered silently, with some dying from their injuries, due to poor medical condition, after suffering from physical torture from such attacks by community youths.
Nassu Fonah, a Civil Rights Activist and campaigner for the rights of LGBT and FGM was murdered in cold blood in 2014. Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex activities are forbidden in both the Holy Quran and the Bible, and therefore considered demonic by Muslims and Christians in Sierra Leone. This societal rejection has had its toll on the police in dealing with such matters, and suspects of such acts are not protected by the police, irrespective of whether it is threats of death from the community.

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