Land Battle at Waterloo…

Court Moves on Locus visit

By Dauda Koroma        

On Saturday 24th September 2022, Court No. 3, Ross Road, presided over by Magistrate Hadiru Daboh, moved to a land in Waterloo, Kissy town, which is about 22 acres, which is in dispute between James Legg, who told the Court that he bought the acres of land in the 90s and have documents for the said land, and the Headman of Kissy town, Waterloo Abdulrahman Olu Kamara, and others, which included Mohamed Davis Koroma and Umaru Kamara, all living in Waterloo. All the above were dragged before Magistrate Hadiru Daboh of Court No 3 by James Legg for the offences of conspiracy to commit a felony to wit: malicious damage contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

The Magistrate including both parties went on a ‘Locus’ (visiting the said site) on the land to identify the land which the three defendants claimed belongs to them, with same claimed by the complainant, James Legg. Both parties took their surveyors to the land, and after the work, the Magistrate took notes and adjourned the matter to the 10th October 2022.

It could be recalled that according to the particulars of the case, the defendants; Abdulrahman Olu Kamara, Mohamed Davis Koroma and Umaru Kamara, on 1st of June 2020, conspired together with other person’s unknown to commit malicious damage on property of James Legg at Nyangba town, Waterloo, and destroyed Yamane, mango, cashew, coconut and guava cash trees. Lawyer Mohamed Sesay is representing the complainant, while lawyer EB Kamara is representing all defendants.

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