Karene District APC Chairman under threat for winning Ward 226 for the APC.

It is no doubt that the District Chairman of the APC in the Karene District Dr Alhaji Wurroh Jalloh is having serious threats after winning the ward 226 bye election for the opposition APC. Strong stalwarts of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party made a serious campaign in that area with the hope that they will win the seat. Nobody thought Dr. Jalloh will deliver the seat following the series of campaigns mounted by the opposition. Video after Video on social media, we have seen the ruling Government making remarks that they must win that seat. According to them the opposition party has a seat in the Home District of the President and so they too have to get a seat in the strong hold of the opposition to prove a point.

Be that as it may, Dr. jalloh has again become another target for the SLPP and for which they have vouch that they shall have to do something about him. According to them he mounted a smear campaign against the SLPP and that is why the people did not vote for them. Other Schools of thought say, Dr. Jalon is liked by the people and therefore they voted for his party.

Just after the elections which took place on the 12 Dec 2020. Dr. Jalloh and Family were sent threatening messages that this is the last election he will win because he shall not see the 2023 General elections. They even went to the extent to call and told him that he cannot go to those areas anymore because if they see him around, then it is another different matter. These messages of threat where even extended to his wife who is also a born of Karene District. At the moment Dr. Jalloh is at his hometown of Rokulan in his district under tight security by his people who have vouch that they are ready to foil any attempt on Dr. Jalloh’s life.

During the last General elections in 2018, Dr. Jalloh won all five parliamentary seats and 21 local Council seats for his APC Party. Dr. Jalloh was able to Flip Constituency 63 to the APC, where people thought the ruling SLPP will win.
He is a steadfast man and he is an astute politician who believes in the ideals of the APC and has always campaign in favour of the Opposition.

When I interviewed him two days ago, he said he is fine and that he is preparing to go on a thank you tour to all areas of the constituency but that at the moment he is watching at the situation and see when to meet his people. At the moment, he is at his hometown in Karene District. The final results of the bye elections have been announced by the National Electoral Commissioner.

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