Kamarainba’s Health Status in Prison Worries Diplomatic Community

Times SL Newspaper has gathered that the refusal of the Bio Government to expedite the bail granted to Mohamed Kamarianba Mansaray, Leader and Chairman of the Alliance Democratic Party, is a cause for concern, more so when his health has continued to decline.

Kamarainba has been in detention for almost three years at the maximum Pademba Road prison on allegation of sexual penetration. It is believed that Kamarainba’s case of sexual penetration is a cover-up to keep him behind bars, so that the Bio government will continue to enjoy liberty in all what they are doing.

However, the Sierra Leone Constitution states that a man is presumed innocent until found guilty by a competent court of law (the rule of presumption of innocence of an accused). In this case, Kamarainba was allegedly brought to court on allegation of sexual penetration to minor. What has become a cause for concern is the blatant refusal to expedite the bail granted to Kamarainba, who is still suffering from serious medical health problem.

Some senior members of the diplomatic community told this writer that if the Bio Government fails to ensure that Kamarainba gets a fair trial, that alone has the tendency of destroying the government’s democratic credentials on human rights. Kamarainba’s health situation has become so worrisome that some members of the diplomatic community say that the government must come out clean and allow the ADP strong man to get justice, rather than being punished without enjoying his human rights.

Sierra Leone’s President, Julius Maada Bio, should ensure that the needful is done to save Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray from dying an untimely death.

Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray has been in detention for close to three years. Even the allegation surrounding his incarceration is still in court. He is a senior citizen, by virtue of his position as Leader and Chairman of Alliance Democratic Party (ADP). Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray has also contested on two democratic elections for the highest office in the land. If President Bio is in office today as President, Kamarainba played his own part to make the previous APC Government unpopular.

Just after the 2012 election, Kamarainba was the only opposition leader who was holding the APC led government of Ernest Bai Koroma accountable. His days as National Chairman and Leader of the ADP was like giving the APC Government heavy load to carry. Kamarainba was the only politician at the time, preaching the politics of truth. He had issues with the APC on several occasions, as he was also incarcerated on more than two occasions. He was still there for the people. He took his time to go round the country, discrediting the APC. Kamarainba has been very instrumental in unearthing the ills of the APC, much to the admiration of the public.

Kamarainba is suffering today in prison with a very serious medical health problem. His condition has gone worse to the extent that even his family members are afraid for his life. Many social commentators and activists say that Kamarainba deserves bail under the laws of Sierra Leone, especially for the simple fact that he is merely a suspect and not a convict. Section 23 of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone states: “A man is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a competent court of law. In this case, Kamarainba has been going through pain, as his right to bail has been denied by the court, even though a bail has been granted by the presiding judge. What makes this case more suspicious is the fact that similar cases of such nature have never been given attention in comparison with the ADP Leader and Chairman’s case.

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