Kamaraimba’s Health Condition Worrisome

Defense counsel for the first accused Mohamed Kamaraimba Mansaray, Samuel Momodu Konteh Esq. on 6th September, 2022, at the Sexual Offences Model Court, before Justice Samuel Omodal Taylor, told the court that his client’s absence in court was due to illness at the detention centre at Pademba Road prison.

The Defense Counsel stated that he was informed by the Prison authorities about the health condition of his client. He then highlighted that his client’s health condition is worrisome, and asked the judge for an adjourned date, adding that his client’s medical condition is deteriorating by the day, leading to his absence in court.

The former Leader and Chairman of Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mohamed Kamaraimba Mansaray, is standing trial on allegation of sexually penetrating a 15 years old girl. Despite the Defence’s plea, the judge continued proceeding of the matter in the absence of the first accused.

In her testimony in court, the second accused, Marion Arouni, told the court that she lives in Tankoro, Kono and recalled the diverse dates between 1st March 2020 and 31st March 2020. She stated that on that faithful day, she was at home, it was a Friday, after the children had gone to school, including the victim, but they returned home because it was a half-day.

She said that she was with her husband when a call came in that her husband’s mother was sick in Freetown, adding that she told the victim’s mothers to excuse her, as she has to go to Freetown, furthering that the victim’s mother then asked her to take an excuse from the teacher instead, which the second accused did.

She stated that while in Freetown, her husband instructed her to return to Kono. She also recalled sending the victim with food on a Muslim holiday to her mother, and that she returned home late. Arouni stated that she asked the victim why she was late, but she refused to answer, instead she said she wanted to leave the house. She furthered that the victim then went into her room and returned with a packed bag. She stated that she called her mother and told her about the situation, and the mother spoke to the victim.

She furthered that later the victim complained about her menstrual problem, and that she was having frequent menstruation. She said that her husband instructed her to take the victim to the hospital, which she did, adding that she was told at hospital that the victim had joined family planning, but was advised that the victim should be given another contraceptive (i.e. captain band) instead of the type she was using, because of her age.

She said that victim came to know the first accused due to the help he rendered to her in respect of her schooling, adding that the first  accused also joined them in searching for school for the victim, but they were unable to get any as it was already late.

She told the court that the first accused bought 2 phones for the victim, and one for the children, because they were fund of taking her phone. She also stated that the first accused also gave her three hundred thousand Leones for school materials as help for the victim’s schooling, adding that a party was also held for the victim.

Justice Samuel Omodale Taylor adjourned the matter to Thursday 8th September for hearing.

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