KADDRO Covers Kambia District with Massive Development Projects

Mohamed Abdul Mansarico Mansaray, Executive Director of KADDRO-SL, has gainfully delivered on the EU/CSO Grant, through the consortium and its implementing partner (Trocaire). In 2019, KADDRO became one of the local NGOs that secured the EU grant to implement in 45 targeted communities on various components; namely: Financial Inclusion, Marketing and Development, Livelihoods and Village Savings Loan Scheme, Adult Literacy and MASIDAMA, which aims at wiping out old practices, where women are not allowed in decision making processes.

The project aims to support equitable growth, poverty reduction, democratization, and long-term stability. KADDRO and its consortium partners, Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CDHR), and Africa Initiative for Universal Development (AIUDO) target 9 Chiefdoms in Kambia District, with 7.5 of its beneficiaries being people living with disability.

Through its livelihoods, KADDRO has supported vulnerable women and youths with agricultural farm inputs for farming in Mambolo, Samu, Thonko Limba and Masungbala Chiefdoms.

To achieve sustainability in empowering communities, the Village Savings Loan Scheme was implemented to help community become financially resilient, through taking loans from their Social fund to meet emergencies like family problems.

The KADDRO led consortium has constructed Five Processing Centres with Drying Floors, Water Tanks and Machines to process clean rice, and prepare gari. To achieve its sustainability, each of these processing centres is designed to help create an enabling environment for community people, with less cost and burden.

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