Mariatu A. Koroma…alleged criminal wanted for fraud

Mariatu A. Koroma, who was under police investigations for duping Pee Cee and Sons, and KADCO Sierra Leone Limited, escaped from police custody after playing some evil games with the police. A businesswoman that was seen as a trusted business partner had previously enjoyed a very good working relationship with the two companies, little did they know that she had some evil plans ahead.

She is now seen as one of the top female criminals in Freetown. Koroma succeeded in duping KADCO SL LTD over Five Hundred Million Leones (Le 500M old Leones), and also Pee Cee and Sons and other private business people to the tune of hundreds of millions of Leones. She wasted no time in tricking the Police to make her way out of police detention.

Whether the police have been bribed by the suspect or not is something the force would have to investigate. Sources say the wanted thief, Mariatu Koroma, has always been enjoying police protection, and is alleged to have been operating clandestinely with some heartless police authorities and some politicians or public officials to discourage potential investors from continuing to invest in the country.

How Mariatu A. Koroma succeeded to escape from police detention, remains a question the police. Sources say this is not the first time Mariatu A. Koroma is duping investors and small-scale business people in the country, and most of the cases reported to the police have not been treated with seriousness.

Many frustrated victims of Mariatu A. Koroma, including the management of KADCO and Pee Cee and Sons were not happy with the action of the investigating police officers in the matter, as it is believed to be unthinkable for a woman in their custody to successfully escape from detention without their knowledge.

Some of her victims are with the conviction that the Sierra Leone Police are hiding the alleged female criminal from facing justice after duping her victims of hundreds of millions of Leones worth of items.

A source at KADCO remarked that the police have not acted professionally since the matter was reported and the suspect arrested. The source called on the police hierarchy to intervene immediately for justice to prevail. (Investigations Continue) 

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