John-Obey Residents cry for Hospital Facility

Residents of John-Obey are calling upon the government of Sierra Leone not to relocate a hospital facility that is being constructed at the John-Obey Estate Development site.

According to the residents, they have heard that the ministry has instructed that the said hospital project being undertaken by Madam Jestina Jalloh-Jamborie, a medical practitioner with 24 years experience, is to be relocated to another site, because the government is planning on planting real estate on the said area. In their view, the existence of a hospital in the estate that the government is proposing to build in the area is of vital importance to those who will be occupying the houses, as well as those in the community and nearby.

Some social commentators say that it is incumbent on any estate developer to ensure that a health facility exists in the said development plan, and the fact that currently this facility is being constructed by a Sierra Leonean, with no cost to the government or its developer, is a plus that should be accommodated, especially when consideration is taken that the said facility is now at ‘Wall Height’. Should the government think otherwise, it will entail a high cost of having to refund the amount of money spent on the said facility to this level to the owner, as well as the time to start another facility there.

Residents say that the existence of a medical facility in their community will go a long way to address their health needs, as it will ease the burden of having to travel from their location to the other health facilities that are some considerable distance away from John-Obey. They are reminding President Bio that he had promised to ensure that almost every area have a health facility, hence his actions to decentralize health facilities, as well as the provision of free ambulance services across the country. This could be seen in the recent pronouncements by the Minister of Health and Sanitation that it is the desire of the President to ensure that communities have health facilities and medical staff that will provide services to the people with ease. This, they say, is how important this facility is to the community, and the proposed estate development project at John-Obey.

Investigation mounted by this medium also revealed that residents in the village are not happy over the proposed relocation plan of the ministry, and this may result in the loss of votes for the government in the coming 2023 general elections. At such a crucial moment, the best one could do is to maintain the support of the people over any development project that is being planned or implemented.May common sense prevail!!!

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