James Rossato Kamara Declared Wanted

James Rossato Kamara formerly of 39 V Teneba road, Kuntorloh, Freetown has been declared wanted by members of a secret Poroh Society in the provinces.
Kamara, according to the investigation has been battling serious health problems ever seen he rejected marrying the sister of his late wife. His situation got serious and could not get proper medical care despite visiting most of the major hospitals in the city. He was reported to have turned down an offer to get married to his late wife’s sister a decision that angered his wife’s family.
After some time, Kamara began to experience strange health problems which almost cost his life. He was therefore taken to the provinces in the paternal hometown of his late father to get medication. Kamara’s father was head of the Secret Poroh Society and his late father before his death earmarked him as his successor. Therefore, the Poroh Secret Society took advantage of Kamara who was desperately looking for medication and had no option as his health situation was paramount to him. He was later administered traditional treatment until he regained his health. A few weeks after that, he was approached by some cross-section of the society men who told him he would be initiated as his father had recommended for him to be his successor. In 2019, he was taken to the secret bush to get initiated and there he had to go through certain rituals. Poroh Society in Sierra Leone is believed to have mystical powers which place them among the powerful secret societies in the country. Human Rights Organizations have been condemning such practices but that condemnation has been of no significance because influential people in governance are part of the society. There have been reported cases of people taken to the secret bush who never come back alive. This has made young folks to believe that for one to be initiated into it is a decision between life and death. Kamara was at the secret bush awaiting the final ritual ceremony when was rescued by one of the society members who untied him and allowed him to escape. When members of the society came to continue the ceremony, they discovered that James Rossato Kamara was nowhere to be found and as a result embarked on a search for him. The society men are afraid of their secret being exposed as Kamara was yet to be fully initiated hence the reason he is been declared wanted.
Police Officers are afraid of prosecuting members of the Secret Poroh Society because they too are of the view that they have the power to unleash terror at any time. This has left us at the mercy of these societies to the extent young folks coming will prefer to migrate to the city just to avoid being initiated.
Sierra Leone is a country that strongly believes in tradition and secret societies which had been part of the country’s historic culture since time memorial. The case of James Rossato Kamara is one among many who have suffered a similar fate. The Times SL is investigating the matter and will keep its readers abreast of the latest development.

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