Ishmael Bah narrowly escapes death

Ishmael Bah, eldest son of late Pa Bah, almost lost his life when his uncle stormed his house with machete on high determination to cut-off his head.
Times SL Newspaper gathered that the ugly incident emanated over rightful ownership of houses and cattles left by the late man who was said to have died in a gruesome car accident .
Ishmael ‘s father was known to be a business man who during his reign had become a successful man. He was a popular Fullah businessman within the city known for cattle rearing. The late man was said to have acquired enough wealth making among the richest fullah tribesmen within the city. Pa Bah, according to investigation, had an accident through collusion and then died on the way to the hospital. Before his death, the late man recognised Ishmael as his eldest son. Ismael was therefore known to be the successor of his father’s business, something his uncles never wanted. After the death of Pa Bah, Ishmael decided to take over the business of his late father but was advice by his uncles to avoid everything. In Sierra Leone, tradition and culture as well as the country’s law give priority to the eldest son to inherit his father’s property. This was vehemently denied by his uncle who in desperstion openly stated in public that Ishmael must never venture to inherit anything on the grounds that their late brother did not leave any will and that Ishmael was not the biological son of the late man. This became an issue when Ishmael’a mother stood in defence of her son as the rightful owner to inherit his father’s business and houses. On a Sunday afternoon, Ishmael’s uncle together with few others decided to place new locks on all the doors in one of the houses which ended in serious skirmishes. It was understood that during the cause of the chaos, his uncle went into his room and came out with a machete threatening to kill Ishmael if he ever venture or attempt to inherit anything left behind by his late father.
However, Ishmael was unable to withstand the force of his uncle suffered minor injuries whilst advancing to resist his uncle. The entire community was in commotion as what started as family fight for properties escalated to something different.
Police Officers who were called to calm down the situation declared Ishmael wanted after his uncle had lied that the boy was trading on narcotic drugs such as kush, jamba and tramadol. Trading on narcotic drugs like kush, tramadol and jamba is an offence under the laws of Sierra Leone.The allegation by Ishmael ‘s uncle ended up became a case for him as he was declared wanted by the Sierra Leone Police who placed a ransome on him if seem anywhere within the jurisdiction of Sierra Leone.
Meanwhile ,family sources disclosed to Times SL Newspaper that ever since that incident , Ishmael’s whereabouts remained unknown. Times SL Newspaper will continue to follow it up.

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