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Procurement Number:NASSIT/FAC/RRS/NCB/W002/2021

Date of First Issue:Monday 8th March, 2021

The National Social Security and Insurance Trust has allocated funds for the procurement of works – Reconstruction of Roofing Systems of the Trust’s Regional Offices – Makeni, Bo & Kenema and now invitessealed bids from eligible bidders for the above works.

The Trust now invites companies to submit bids for the Reconstruction of Roofing Systems of the Trust’s Regional Offices – Makeni, Bo & Kenema.More details of works are contained in the BOQ and attached to the bidding document.Locations of the works are as follows:

LotRequirementLocationBid SecurityExecution/Delivery Not Later Than
01Reconstruction of the Roofing Systems at the North-East Regional Office, Drivers’ quarter and the Generator houseNorth-East Makama Road Makeni25 million28th April, 2021
02Reconstruction of the Roofing Systems at the South Regional Office, Drivers’ quarter and the Generator houseSouth 2 Lyon Street – Bo25 million  28th April, 2021
03Reconstruction of the Roofing Systems at the East Regional Office, Drivers’ quarter and the Generator houseEast 53 Maxwell Khobe Street – Kenema25 million  28th April, 2021

Incomplete bids shall not be accepted.

Bidding is open to all companies who can demonstrate capacity with evidence to execute same.

Interested bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding document at the address below between 9:30am to 4:30pm from Monday to Friday except pubic holidays.

Detailed Bidding Documents could be obtained from the Trust’s Procurement Office after payment of SLL500,000.00 cash at Rokel Commercial Bank.  Payment should be made into National Social Security Account No. 02-01-1433403-01, Rokel Commercial Bank, Siaka Stevens Street. The pay-in slip must be submitted at the Finance Office, 2nd Floor and submission of receipt issued by NASSIT Finance Office to the Procurement Office at the 1ST floor before a bidding document is issued to the bidder.

Bidders may download the Bidding Document from the Trust’s website from the NPPA Website. or collect hard copy from the Procurement Office and submit their bids along with evidence of non-refundable fee of SLL500,000.00 being cost of the bidding document on or before submission deadline 12noon local time, on Friday, 19th March, 2021.

Unconditional discount given shall be expressly stated before inclusion into the final bid price. Where Goods and Services Tax (GST) is required, bidder must clearly state the said amount before inclusion into the final bid price.

Companies wishing to participate must demonstrate capacity with evidence to undertake the said project which will be physically verified (post qualification). Companies shall submit list of experienced personnel and equipment to carry out the assignment and must be in a minimum of class A

Bidders must further demonstrate that they are financially capable to provide the necessary security instruments and statutory documents to perform this contract.

  • A certified true copy of valid NASSIT Clearance certificate for national contractors,
  • True copy of valid NRA Tax certificate or evidence of tax compliance
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Original Bid Security from a reputable Bank in the sum of SLL25,000,000.00 per lot
  • Signed Integrity Pact
  • Company profile
  • Evidence of past performance in similar assignment
  • Evidence of established works yard with existing plants (this will be verified during post qualification)

Companies must submit a list of similar contracts executed in the past twoyears or evidence to show capacity to undertake such assignment.

Certificate of satisfactory performance will be issued by the client after defect liability period.

Bidders can bid for all the lots but only one lot shall be awarded to a bidder. Additionally, preference shall be given to firms established and operating in those regions.

Sealed bidsmust be delivered on or before Friday 19th March, 2021 not later than 12noon local time, clearly written on the outer envelope the ‘RECONSRTUCTION OF THE ROOFING SYSTEM – LOT 01 or 02 or 03’’ as applicable.

Bids will be publicly opened on Friday, 19th March, 2021at 12noon local time in the presence of the bidders’ designated representatives and anyone who chooses to attend, at the address below.  Late bids will be rejected and returned unopened to bidders.

Bidders attending bid opening sessions shall fully comply with COVID-19 protocols. 


P. O. Box number; 29

Contact: Procurement Department


32 Walpole Street Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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