In the Aftermath Of August 10 Violent Protest…

Police Embarks On Man-Hunt For Memunatu Mansaray Wanted

Reports from Fourah Bay Community reveal that the Sierra Leone Police has mounted an intensive search for one Memunatu Mansaray, on allegation of being one of the key protesters in the violent protest of 10th August 2022, during which 6 police officers were killed and some 25 civilians shot dead by security forces.
According to our source, Memunatu is believed to have joined protesters in exercising his democratic right to protest against the current economic situation in the country, and the said situation turned ugly when the police surfaced and began firing tear gas canisters and live bullets, killing some civilians. It was disclosed that the angry crowd then decided to take the law into their hands and erected road blocks to prevent accessibility of the police, which then resulted in serious fracas between civilians and the security forces.

During the course of the day and the following days, several arrests were made and allegations of extra-judicial killings by members of the security forces of known opposition operatives, an allegation that was denied by the police. Police sources say that several people have been arrested and they had issued pictures of some wanted people in respect of the said violent riot, but also that some others are at large, whose names they have declined to mention.
However, our investigation revealed that Memunatu Mansaray was being sought after in respect of the said protest by the police, as family sources told this medium that some armed police and military officers had raided their residence on several occasions in search of Memunatu. Family members said that since the day of the riot, they have not been able to set eyes of Memunatu Mansaray, and are only hopeful that she is alive, as there are many reports of extra-judicial killings by security forces of known opposition party operatives, as in the case of one Evangelist Samson, who was gunned down by the military in Makeni (shot in the back), northern Sierra Leone.
According to close friends of Memunatu, who wished to remain anonymous for security reasons, Memunatu narrowly escaped direct firing from people believed to be top security officials in plain clothes, and in jeeps without registration numbers. He is said to have then escaped into a nearby ally under hot pursuit by the police. They recalled that, that was the last time they set their eyes on her, and do not know about her whereabouts, or whether she is still alive.
As we go to press, family members of Memunatu Mansaray says that they have still not seen Memunatu, and do not know whether he is alive or not, and also that they have been subjected to regular harassment and threats from the security forces, as well as by ruling party youths in their area. In the spite of the protest, Memunatu had to leave her child home due to massive firing of live guns by the police and the military. As reports are reaching us, Memunatu is nowhere to be seen and found as search is in continuity.

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