‘‘I urge you to Exercise your rights through the ballot box’’

Samura Kamara admonishes Young Voters

In a way to prevent election violence in the upcoming June 2023 elections, the Presidential candidate for the main opposition, All People’s Congress (APC), Dr. Samura Kamara, recently called on youths to refrain from violence, be law-abiding, and exercise their rights through the ballot box and not through guns and bullets.

He said Sierra Leoneans should not allow politics to destroy the peace of the nation, as the country is the most precious gift to every patriotic individual, adding that young people should not allow politicians to instigate them to become agents of destruction, violence, and rebellion.

He advised that as patriotic individuals, they should choose people with integrity, wisdom, experience, and understanding to utilize the God-given riches and wealth of the nation to benefit the ordinary people

He furthered that many times, people classify politics as a dirty game, adding that in reality, it is a judicious way of getting the confidence of the masses to choose their leaders, who will generate, and expend funds from taxes, natural wealth, mineral, and all resources to provide the basic things in life, which include agriculture, education, energy, infrastructure/development, finance, and health.

He concluded by stating that it is the sole responsibility of every Sierra Leonean to judge and vote wisely for the peace and development of the nation.

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