How Secret Poroh Society threatens the life of Bayoh Conteh

By Ibrahim Kargbo

Bayoh Conteh, a resident of 23 Water Street , Congo town, west of Freetown report state is presently on the run after he narrowly escapes from the hands of Poroh Soceity Men in Waterloo, Western rural district of Freetown.
Times SL Newspaper gathered that Bayoh became a target as part of the cultural tradition into which his late father was senior member of the Poroh Society. Since the death of his father, the Poroh Society has been looking for Bayoh who reports state was to replace his father. Bayoh, according to investigation was alleged to have turned down the offer of him being initiated into the Secret Poroh Society a decision which the Poroh Society Men consider to be a challenge to their powers and authority. In one of his visits to the village in Waterloo, Bayoh was kidnapped by gallant men and then taken to the society bush where he was to be initiated into the Secret Poroh Society. Whilst in the bush, Bayoh spent two days as his hands were tired waiting the initiation. Times SL investigation uncovered that Bayoh was rescued and untied by a friend who is also a member of the society. That rescue mission ended to be more problem for him as the Society Men went on a hunting spree looking for him. His whereabouts remained unknown ever since that incident happen .Poroh Society in Sierra Leone is among the society people fear because of mystical powers and evil performances. There have been reported cases of young boys who were taken to the bush and never come back. This has raised public outcry to the extent that quite a good number of young boys and girls see society as a cult because part of their ceremony calls for the sacrifice of human parts.

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