Heal Sierra Leone Launches e-Learning Program

In his bid to complement the efforts of government in improving the Human capital of the nation and to also ensure that education is no longer put on hold by any disaster, Executive Director of Heal Sierra Leone, Joseph Sannoh, on 16th June 2021, coinciding with the Day of the African Child, officially launched the e-Learning on line program at his Sandas Street office in Freetown.

Sannoh explained that as someone passionate about education, it is his dream to embark on such a noble program, but like everything under the globe, there is time for everything, and now is the time for this venture. He furthered that the e-learning is an on-line program where expert teachers will be teaching the various subjects in the curriculum of all public and school syllabuses viz: NPSE, BECE, WASSCE etc. It will also cater for university students in various courses.

Sannoh noted that with help from few partners, and the selling of one of his private land and properties he has been able to rent a whole flat, equipped it with cameras and other gadgets for on line steaming, thereby providing access to their teachings. He furthered that their teachers are examiners, qualified script markers etc. and that none of them are below ten years teaching experience. e-Learning, he furthered, will provide the enabling environment for students to access tuition when they so desire and can revert to courses they may desire to get au fait with at their own time. It will further reduce the burden of parents having to pay for extra classes for their kids, and solve the problems that have plagued the camp system; which include the girl child losing her virginity on such occasions or even getting pregnant.

He admonished parents to spend the money they use to pay for camps and extra classes to buy smart phones for their kids that they could use to access the e-Learning program on line. He maintained that during the learning period, the teachers will give tests and assignments to their students and the students will be able to ask questions and be answered on line by the teachers.

Sannoh noted that they have 7 studios, but currently 4 are ready and fit for the system to go on uninterrupted. Students in far away and hard to reach regions can now be able to get tuition via this platform. He noted with regret that there are many adults who want to get more education, but are unable to, but this program will provide that opportunity, adding that many in the developed world have doctorates and masters degrees from on line programs like this.

He commended the ACC, SLCB, Kids Kingdom and Africell for their support in making this platform a reality. This project will further help in developing the Human Capital that President Bio is so passionate about. He commended the Ministry of Education for their support, as the main institution responsible for education in the country.    

Other speakers like Mallam O of Stats SL made meaningful contributions during the launching ceremony, which was covered by a host of media houses, followed by a question and answer session.

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