Hawanatu Turay Declared wanted

Hawanatu Turay, a resident of Old Wharf Community, PMB, Wellington, East of Freetown has been declared wanted by the Sierra Leone Police following allegations of incitement .
According to investigation, Madam Turay is not a politician and has never join any political party before. Her only crime is because she was working for a prominent APC Politician.
Madam Turay continue her job as a house help and her relationship with with her boss has put her in a situation where SLPP supporters see her as APC.
As house help, part of her duty is to always prepare food for her boss, do other errands as per instructions and will in certain cases be seen at APC office.
When the APC lost power in 2018, Madam Turay became a target in her community by supporters of the ruling SLPP Government. On the first week of the new government, majority of APC supporters were targeted in different part of the country. In Kono and Kenema, APC supporters were man- handled and asked to leave those communities. In Freetown, business places of APC supporters were vandalized , looted and some of them chased with machetes. The rampart human right violations at the time led to the demise of good number of APC supporters. Some therefore decided to go into hiding looking for safer place. Madam Hawanatu Turay, according to investigation became a target in her area which has a stong political base for the ruling SLPP Government.
Family sources disclosed to this medium that, Hawanatu’s whereabouts remained unknown. She has been declared missing.

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