Gay Partners Face Death Threat

Abu Bakarr Kabia, a resident of 8 Wharf road, Cline town, east of Freetown is currently facing death threats for being gay.
Times SL Newspaper gathered that Kabia and their gay partner were beaten mercilessly by community youth the night they found them making love within the area.
In Sierra Leone, lesbians, bisexuals, and gays are considered a crime and immoral acts though the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guaranty the rights to human rights, free movement, and association. There are a good number of people who belong to such groups that have suffered mob justice at the hands of religious youth. Christians and Muslims have both been denouncing such practice calling for total condemnation of it.
Former President of Sierra Leone Ahmad Tejan Kabbah now late faced public bashing and baptism of fire in an attempt to legalize same-sex marriage in Sierra Leone. He was widely condemned by religious leaders and such a move never saw the light of day.
Kabia’s case is similar to many others who are members of the same-sex group organization.
Kabia later escaped from the youth and maneuvered. It was later understood that police conducted a search warrant at the house of Kabia. He could not be seen or traced after he escaped from the police. A warrant has therefore been issued and signed by magistrate calling for his immediate arrest. If seen, Kabia will be charged to court or stand the risk of facing mob- justice which end his life as it had happened to others.

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