Fulamatu Tarawallie Narrowly Escapes Death From Mob Justice

It is believed that the right of association is a fundamental Human Right of individuals as enshrined in the UN Charter and domesticated by many countries, including Sierra Leone. This charter recognizes the right of same sex people, but in Sierra Leone, this is a non-starter, as the society does not encourage same sex due to its religious orientation of the two main faiths: Islam and Christianity. Thus, people practicing same sex do so in secrecy, and if caught, face the most heinous of punishment, including death. Many such practitioners are either killed or escape the country, as they are hunted down by youths and the police, especially as same sex is criminalized by law.

A Lesbian Activist, Fulamatu Tarawallie, is the latest victim who narrowly escaped an attack from her community people, and fear of being killed at Mano Village, Southern Provinces, for her alleged involvement in Lesbian activities.
Investigation mounted by this medium, revealed that Fulamatu was a practicing lesbian, a condition unknown to her parents and members in the community.

As a young lady, she lost her mother in 2015 to the Ebola epidemic in the country, and was living with some of her relatives at Mano village, Southern Sierra Leone. It was disclosed that after the death of her mother in 2015, she dropped out of school, as her father was unable to sponsor her schooling.
During our investigation, one Vandi Konneh, a family relative, explained that Fulamatu was suspected to have started practicing lesbianism in 2018, which was discovered by her step-mother, but most people did not take the matter serious, as it is common in Africa for step-mothers to blackmail their step-sons or daughters. Most people thought it was just a ploy by the step-mother to create animosity between Fulamatu and her father.
Konneh explained that Tarawallie ran out of luck when she was caught in the act at her residence with a friend on 15th January, 2022.

She was caught in the act by her cousin, Fatima, who had left her phone in her room to charge, and accidentally bumping into the room, she discovered both Fulamatu and the friend naked on the bed. She is said to have raised an alarm, which brought the neighbors and community youths to the scene. Fulamatu was then dragged out of the house and mercilessly beaten by the youths, who later took her to the local Chief, Foday Kaikai for further action. Fulamatu is said to have escaped through the help of one Sarah Kaikai, who happened to be the second daughter of Chief Foday Kaikai. This abetting of her escape by the Chief’s second daughter raised questions over her innocence and allegation that she too might be a secret practitioner of the demonic act, especially as she has been seen together with Fulamatu.

To make matters worse, the community, upon hearing the news about what transpired between Fulamatu and her friend, reported the matter at the Mano Police station, claiming lesbianism and evil practice in the village by Fulamatu and her friend another serious crime that is punishable by law.
It was revealed that the community people went on a man-hunt for Fulamatu and her friend , unfortunately fulamatu’s friend was caught and taken away.
According to the close sources, since Fulamatu was taken to the chief , her whereabouts are yet unknown.
Sources confirmed that they are looking for Fulamatu and when caught, she will face the full force of the law.
The practice of homosexuality and lesbianism are illegal in the country, and described by both religious faiths in the country as satanic and should not be encouraged.
Several activists for the rights of gay and lesbians have been killed, with some of them escaping the country. Prison terms for such offences are life imprisonments, but if a suspect is unlucky to fall into the hands of the community youths, he/she is easily disposed of, with no regrets, and the police seldom investigate such matters, as it is said to be a taboo, and would often say they did not know about the incident.

Meanwhile, during our investigation, neighbor’s came out in numbers, also complaining bitterly, as to how they have been suspecting Fulamatu of trying to persuade their girls to embrace this sinful act, and would not have her in their midst.

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