By Samuel Kargbo
The head of secret society groups in Sierra Leone has declared Nathaniel Pover wanted, reports reaching this medium have revealed that Nathaniel Pover, a youth, formerly residing in Freetown Sierra Leone is now on the run fearing for his life after being declared wanted by the head of the Secret Societies.
According to report, Nathaniel Pover Father was the head of the secret society who was residing in the Northan part of Sierra Leone Makeni, that when his father past away, he is the one to succeed his father. Nathaniel, has cause damage to their secret society which is against the rules govern their secret society, any member go against the rules, should be declared death.
On their way to place were he should be initiated into the secret society both Poro and Gbangbani society he managed to escape from them. The secret societies in Sierra Leone have declared Nathaniel Pover wanted.
According to a close friend, told him that the process to become a member of the secret society is not an health situation for any human being. As time passes by he began to get hatred mind with regards to the society. He was not happy the way young boys are be treated badly, destroying young people’s destiny and he saw everything done in the society is inhuman practice and insider of the society told this medium.
A member of the society and a close friend of Nathaniel Pover told this medium that his friend was declared wanted by elders of the society because he refused to be a member of the secret society, which is against the laws. It was also declared that the two secret societies are one of the deadly secret societies in Sierra Leone.

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