For criticising President Bio’s Government…

SLPP Thugs beat mad man

A video that went viral on social media during last week, revealed the merciless beating of an insane citizen called ‘Blacker’, allegedly by thugs believed to be supporters of the SLPP,  for opposing the present government

In an interview with Mohamed Mansaray, alias ‘Blacker’, by the Program Manager of Disability Rights Movement, he said that while he was cleaning drainages at post office, he then saw Abravo and a green car with other thugs, and that he was helpless and definitely knew that he has got into the dead zone. He furthered that he asked them what was the problem, to which they replied that they have intelligence that he is being sponsored by some unknown individual abroad to tarnish the name of the government. He stressed that he denied the accusation made against him, adding that he has no government, and the only government he knows is a mad government.

He furthered that after replying to them, they said that since his government is a mad government, they will show him the real government. He maintained that after that statement, the thugs then pounced on him inflicting heavy blows on him, resulting in him losing two teeth and injuries over his body.

Blacker continued that since that incident, no treatment has been given to him by the government or any individual, and that this has been the third time that he has been beaten in such a way, disclosing that he was beaten at Lungi, Calaba town in the east of Freetown and the Post office in central Freetown.

He concluded that he is still asking for help from any individual to help him with medication and any other assistance.

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