First Time Voters Targetted…..

Christopher Johnson declared wanted

Sierra Leone Police has declared Christopher Johnson wanted on allegations of incitement, unlawful demonstration, and riotous conduct in the August 10 protest.
Times SL Newspaper gathered that Christopher Johnson of # 40 Winter Street, Kissy, East of Freetown, and also a third-year student of UNIMTECH was named among those declared wanted for the August 10 skirmishes that led to the death of security personnel and civilians. It is understood that Christopher Johnson was earmarked among students that formed a group of “First Time Voters” who are to take part in the June 24, 2023, presidential, parliamentary, and local council elections.
The organization of First Time Voters, according to investigation is been supported by members of the opposition to unseat the current SLPP-led government of President Julius Maada Bio in the June 24 general elections.
This is coming up at a time when the Sierra Leone Police had put out a warning notice denouncing any form of protest. The protest is being championed by one social media commentator living in the Diaspora carrying the nickname Adebayor. Adebayor is so influential that his daily audio message is being considered a threat against the current SLPP ruling government. The majority of the young people see Adebayor as a ” King” who says things as he sees them. The August 10 protest was done to express concern about the rising cost of commodities in the country, a situation that has become more worrisome to the government and the president. The protest was done under the name of one organization called Peoples Power in Politics (PPP). The protest which started peacefully ended up with serious calamity that led to the destruction of lives and properties.
Police spokesperson, Brima Kamara told Times SL Newspaper that “all those declared wanted are alleged to have taken part in the August 10 protest. We had earlier warned members of the public not to go out on protest without police permit. So if you ask me about those declared wanted whether student or first time voters, they are liable to face the law, Kamara added.
In an effort to get the side of the First Time Voters, nobody was willing to talk to the press. There are concerns that Christoper Johnson is key member and so he should be arrested .
Times SL will continue with the investigation…

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