Ferensola, the Kuranko social organisation seeking the welfare and protection of the Kuranko tribe in the country, in a meeting held on Saturday the 23rd of October 2023 at Waterloo, outside Freetown, has noted that as an organisation that is none political, will continue to serve the government of the day to promote national development and the interest of Kurankos in the country.

The leadership of Ferensola led by its Leader, former United Nations diplomat, Member of Parliament, Minister and Educationist Dr Shekou M. Sesay and his executive, as part of their continuous drive to take Ferensola to the people, met with the Kuranko people residing in the Western Rural Area to update them on developments within Ferensola.

The chairman of the occasion, Mr Robert Brima Koroma, informed the meeting that the leadership is continuing its drive to take Ferensola to the people, noting that the Western Rural Area has been targeted simply because of the high Kuranko presence in the area. He stated further that similar engagements with stakeholders had been done in Kabala and Bumbuna.

Mr Korima admonished all to work together in furthering their common interest, while ending by cautioning all and sundry that Ferensola is apolitical and hence encourages Kurankos across the political divide to come onboard to help in promoting the interest of Kurankoya.

In his keynote address, the Leader of Ferensola, Dr Shekou Sesay, informed the Kuranko community in Waterloo that the executive was there to answer their call for a face-to-face meeting with his executive. He encouraged them to continue to work in unity by way of promoting their common interest.

Given the large concentration of Kurankos in the Western Rural District, the Leader further encouraged them to make use of their large numbers by seeking representation at both parliamentary and local council levels. “Gone are the days when you will sit by and throw your support behind other tribes. Now is the time for others to throw their support behind you.” He admonished.

He stated that Ferensola is non-political, but noted that people are free to contest for office, once people have been selected to run for office, Kurankos should support such aspirants to ensure they have Kuranko representation at both national and regional levels.

In her contribution, the Ferensola National Women’s Coordinator; Mariam Manteneh Saffa, thanked the Kuranko women of Western Rural and Urban for their relentless support towards Ferensola and urged them not to sit back. She encouraged the leadership to replicate similar meetings in other parts of Western Urban with a large Kuranko presence.

The Interim Secretary General, Mr Alpha Kaita, explained in detail about membership and subscription; breaking down the various categories of membership to the understanding of the Kuranko community on how one should be a member.

The Leadership of the Kurankos in the Western Rural Area were tasked with setting up an Organising Committee, which will serve as a mini executive for administrative convenience. The Ferensola Western Rural Organising Committee, when constituted, will work hand in hand with the national executive to further the general aims and objectives of Ferensola. The Committee, he noted, will comprise of the following:

Western Rural Area Chief, Coordinator, Women’s Leader and

Youth Leader.

The meeting was climaxed with a written declaration, which was unanimously resolved that this declaration be adopted:

1)      That Kurankos in the Western Rural Area shall continue to work with the Government of the day for the development and prosperity of Sierra Leone in general, and Kurankoya in particular.

2)      That the Kurankos in the Western Area, especially in Waterloo and its environs, agree to organize themselves to seek representation at the national and local levels to reflect the large numbers of Kuranko population in these areas.

3)      That the Western Rural Area Kuranko population will work closely with the National Leadership to hold a successful Ferensola Annual General Meeting in Bumbuna, Dansogoia Chiefdom, Tonkolili District within the next three months.

4)      That Kurankos in the Western Rural Area will undertake sustainable membership and contribution drive for the progress and advancement of Ferensola.

Participants were drawn from the Western Urban Area, led by the Kuranko Tribal Head, Alhaji Kutaisi, and several other dignitaries and representatives of other Tribal Headmen in the Western Rural Area, including Ferensola National Mammy Queen Mammy Saio, Chairlady Haja Doron, Chief Kalie Marah and a host of other sub-chiefs from the Western Area Urban and rural.

A beautiful cultural performance by the Djelibas and the presentation of kola nuts by the visiting team form part of the program.

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