fear of Mob justice

Kamara Fuad escape for his life

It is believe the right of associate and not belong to certain tradition groups is a fundamental thing that affecting those who choose not to joined the Secret Poro Secret society, Bondo Society and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex.

In Sierra Leone many young people both Male and Female has be discriminated, threaten and sometimes physical assaulted by family and community members, this has resulted to lots of their life’s in some case and some on went on exile
Kamara Ali Fuad, a prominent and popular younger man at Waterloo Western Rural Urban Sierra Leone, On Sunday 24th December 2018,, become the latest victim of human right abuser by member of his family and angry community youth.
Kamara whose father is Saidu Sheik (Molim) Kamara a popular Islamic scholar at the Kankalay Islamic Secondary his step mother a petty trader, mysteriously messing, since he was beaten and threaten to be killed by angry.

Investigation by this medium reveled that Fuad, was comfortably living with parents and siblings, also attending the Kankalay Islamic school, were his father thought Arabic Language as a subject and he was fiercely opposed to anything unrelated to Islam but later drop out of school, after taken the West Africa Senior School Certificate Exam, WASSCE, due to the poor financial status of his father and was only able to be enrolled at the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology MMTEC, after the interventions from his cousin Alhassan Sillah, who work for Millian Transport company LTD.

Sources contained that Allansan and Fuad are also close since child days, despite the fact that Allansan is more senior to fuad, but most time spend time together, but he father Molim just though it was base on their family relation, until remora started peddling around that both of them are practicing homosexuality, this made Allansan to stop coming at Fuad resident, since he has a flat on his own.
Fuad in the other hand become scary, but has no option, since Allansan is now become one major source of his finance, the continued with their romantic relationship and Fuad has to hide to go and see Allansan mosetly spend time with him during weekends, this continued until, Fuad step brother one day go in to his phone and over hard the whatApp conversations with Allansan and the nude photos they shared together.

He quickly called their father and other siblings and show them everything, Fuad a at the bathroom, he father went in there and grab him, he was physical assaulted by his siblings and community youth, until the interventions of the Local Authority Chief Ya Alimamy Sankoh, who requested that they should hand him over to her and that he will report the matter to the police the next morning.
He was the take to Ya Alimamy and locket up in one of her room, but he reportedly got missing before day break, through the allegedly help of one of Ya Alimamy son’s, Abu Sankoh, who is suspected to be a close friend.
It was also stated that, Fuad went to Allansan after his escape and both of them are last sported in a community health Center in the western part of Freetown.
Chief Ya Alimamy reported the matter at the police, which the police are currently searching for both fuad and Allansan for further investigation according Abu Bakarr Magona, Local Unit Commander LUC of the water loo Police Division.
This medium will continue to follow up on this matter as the case of Fuad and Allansan are just few of those cases reported by the media and captured by Civil Society organizations.

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