CSO exposes DMD & Others In Plot Against Dr. Gilpin

At a press conference held at the offices of the Sierra Leone Civil Rights Coalition (SLCRC), in Freetown, head of the Coalition, Alphonso Manley, told journalists that three individuals have been identified as being behind the negative posting against the Managing Director of the Rokel Commercial Bank, Dr. Ekundayo Walton Gilpin on social media and the traditional media. Manley furthered that their investigations revealed that the refusal of the MD to comply with their demands, resulted in the three people doing all they can to blackmail the MD.

According to Manley, the allegation of Sexual Harassment levied against the MD by the female staff, who happens to be the Legal Adviser to the Bank and Company Secretary, is alleged to have began in 2017, that is according to the claim of the said complainant. What baffles Manley during their investigation is why did the Legal Adviser not take the necessary action against the MD all this while, only to come up with this allegation after the MD refused her request to be made a Director. He furthered that the complainant is a lawyer, and has the power, by virtue of her standing in the justice system, to take action against the MD, if the allegation was true, but failed, and is only coming up with it now, after she failed to get the support of the MD for what she wanted.

In the case of Abdul Raman Mahdi (Business Development Director), Alphonso Manley disclosed that he was dissatisfied with his transfer from head of the Treasury to another position in the bank. Manley questioned why Mahdi was insistent on remaining in the same department, when it is the practice of all administrations globally to rotate staff. He furthered that their investigations revealed that Mahdi had been the cause of many customers leaving the bank before Gilpin arrived at the institution. This, he said, is as a result of engagement with many customers and staff of the bank.

According to Manley, it is no secret that the Deputy MD of the bank, Emmanuel Borbor, is known to have been craving for the seat of the MD, and sees this allegation against the MD as the perfect opportunity to actualize his dream, using his connections. Manley questioned why the complainant and her co-conspirators did not go through the official channel of redress at the Bank, namely: the Board of Directors, but instead, chose the social and traditional media path?

According to the SLCRC, the performance of Dr. Gilpin has been exemplary; resulting in him bagging several prestigious awards both nationally and internationally. Gilpin, he furthered, has been very instrumental in bringing about financial inclusion of many people, and through his activities, has been able to take the bank to the digital age, making the Bank the pride of the nation. He noted that prior to the advent of Dr. Gilpin, the RCB was making barely Le2 billion as profit, with huge losses also recorded, but under the watch of Gilpin, the fortunes of the bank has been turned around, with the institution making profits in the region of Le80 billion, and paying dividend to both the government, which has 51% of the Shares, and to other Shareholders. The Rokel Commercial Bank, according to Manley is owned by the government of Sierra Leone, and therefore the property of Sierra Leoneans, and they will not allow it to be dragged to the mud because of the selfishness of certain individuals. He called for the ACC to investigate the wealth of the alleged conspirators.

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