By YakainKargbo

Friends of Mr and MrsElliot has intimated this press that they fear the young couple who left for a visit in a village in the North of Sierra Leone  29th January,2022  are feared dead.

KadayJalloh a close friend of the now disappeared SiminatuIshaElliottold this medium that Life for the couple was musical until they allegedly broke a traditional chordwhich  the custodians of scared traditions of Makerayvillage,Makarie chiefdom Bombali district described as abominable.

Mrs Elliot an anti FGM activist was happily married to Mr Samuel Ade Elliot on the 19th January,2018 and had two children (A boy and a girl) though the marriage does not have the blessing her parents largely because of her refusal to heed to their proposal for her to marry the chief priest of the Makeray ‘Poro” bush and her critical stance to the female secret society (Bondo).

Kaday said, her friend Siminatu took a critical decision by ignoring the long cold war between the village people and herself by honoring an invitation from a relative in the village to witness a naming ceremony. She explained that the unsuspecting Siminatu went to her village and on the night of her arrival was reported to have been forcefully conscripted and taken to the bondo society shrine. She Continued that whilst preparations were underway to initiate her to the society which will see her go through a process of removal of her clitoris led an anonymous insider to alert the captive siminatu’s husband.

The husband who is a celebrated Christian that strongly   opposes to FGM is reported to have secretly travelled to the village through the aid of the said anonymous whistle blower. On the night the act of cutting was to have taken place Siminatu husband sneaked into the secret bush and rescued his captive wife from been initiated.

The following morning after the rescue and escape of the couple, cultural and traditional leaders are reported to have converged in the village square to take a decision on the abominal acts perpetrated by the runaway couple. The head of bondo society (Soweis) SampaLempLempsaid no woman has ever entered their shrine and walkout without being initiated least to talk about a man walking in and coming alive.

The abomination act perpetrated by the couple can only be resolved with cleansing of the shrine with their blood, hence a degree fortheir heads was announced.

Family and friends who have not heard from the couple months after the degree feared that they could have been secretly captured and served as dish for ‘sowei’ gods as appeasement to for abomination they allegedly unknowingly committed.

Aunt of the escapee Siminatu who spoke on condition of anonymity said the entire family is in shock and fear that if the priests failed in the effort to have the couple to pay for their sins they might direct their anger at the family with dangerous spells.

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