Civil Rights Coalition to Expose RCB Director of Audit

Sierra Leone Civil Rights Coalition is calling on the Director of Audit at Rokel Commercial Bank, Charles Sesay, to desist from his calumny campaign against the Managing Director of the Bank, Dr Walton Gilpin. Civil Rights Coalition has been investigating this issue and has a dossier of all those who have been playing “behind the scene” propaganda in targeting the Managing Director. Civil Rights Coalition strongly believes in the astute leadership of Dr Gilpin, who has transformed the RCB into an enviable bank in the country. Charles Sesay should know that his plans to succeed Dr Gilpin have been brought to the attention of the Civil Rights Coalition and that all his strategies have failed. Civil Rights Coalition is therefore advising Charles Sesay to stop his devilish tricks against his boss or risk being exposed, including all his cynical activities at the bank. You have been warned!

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