Chief Baimba Fadika begs for 2nd Term

The democratic race for a new executive to take over the helm of affaire within the Ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) for the next five (5) years is getting hotter as more people are surfacing and making their intentions known.

Among the contenders is Chief Alhaji Baimba Fadika, who is seeking for re-election for the position of National Trustee of the party in the forth coming SLPP National Delegates Conference.

Speaking at his resident at Magazine Cut, the incumbent National Trustee has showed determination to hold the same position. He said that he has been an ardent member of the SLPP since his early days as a youth, and has been a loyalist who has worked assiduously for the party all these years.

Baimba Fadika furthered that he is a strong supporter of President Bio’s ideology, recalling that when he was fighting to become the flag bearer of the party, he was firmly behind him.

Chief Bamba Fadika who is also one of the Board Members at the Sierra Leone Road Transport Authority stated that he is a popular figure among the grassroots and stakeholders within the party, and has been a strong promoter of the party and President Bio’s manifesto that led to his 2018 victory.

He furthered that the National Trustee position is key in controlling the financial  management of the party, and is ultimately responsible to ensure that all monies are accounted for, and arranging the physical movement of cash, with effective management structure.

 “I have held that position for the past four years without having any issue; I stand for transparency and discipline and always work in the interest of the party, and that is why I was chosen by the delegates. I personally admire President Bio for keeping to his promise, especially in the introduction of the Free Quality Education. This is the best thing that has ever happened to this nation,” he said.

Alhaji Chief Baimba Fadika is the senior brother of the late popular Business Tycoon and Philanthropist, Moseray Fadika,  and  local Authority among the Mandingo tribe in the central part of Freetown.

The Fadika Family is always known for serving humanity, and Alhaji Baimba Fadika is an example. 

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