Chernor Yayah Barrie faces death threat after deflowering an underage girl

By Mackie Jalloh

Chernor Yayah Barrie, a resident of 207 Hangha road, Kenema, East of Sierra Leone is currently facing death from the families of an underage girl he deflowered.

Times SL Newspaper gathered that Chernor and an underage girl ( name withheld) have been having a secret love affair over the years without the knowledge of the victim’s family. It is understood that the issue has become the talk of the town in Kenema city when the brother of the victim converged with his friends to look out for Chernor. The victim is said to have suffered serious health problems after losing her virginity to Chernor. She is presently hospitalized at the Kenema Government Hospital battling life and death. Doctors at the Kenema Government Hospital told Times SL that the victim suffered profuse bleeding after losing her virginity. They also claimed that the victim has a history of Asthma and by extension, her health problem also contributed greatly to where she now finds herself. They promised to do their best in resuscitating her. Chernor is nowhere to be found for his side of the story. Neighbors who spoke to Times SL Newspaper disclosed that Chernor has gone into hiding because his life is under threat. They said the victim’s brother came with gallant men to the house of Chernor in possession of sticks and other offensive weapons. At the time Chernor was not around so they destroyed his house and deployed within the area till night.
In Sierra Leone, there is a law on sexual penetration with an underage. If found guilty, the individual will be sent to prison for 15 years. But in most cases, people will prefer to use mob justice against anyone accused of committing a such crime against underage or pedophile. Police officers have also been raiding the house of Chernor declaring him wanted. A warrant of arrest had been placed on him with a ransom of five million leones which is equivalent to five hundred dollars for anyone that will give information to trace the location of Chernor.
At the time of going to Press, Times SL Newspaper learned that the victim’s situation is yet to be normal though doctors keep assuring the families that she will be resuscitated. Investigation continues…

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