Reports reaching this medium indicates that the life CHERNOR MOHAMED BOIE DIALLO is at risk as on the  27th of January, he received a deadly threats from his father and  senior members of the traditional secret society known as the PORO SOCIETY.

Chernor who comes from a traditionalist, spiritualist and extended family has been marked by his father to be part of this year’s initiation ceremony of the PORO SOCIETY.

In our investigations, we discovered that his father, Chernor Salimu Diallo, is a strong member of the PORO SOCIETY and he has initiated all his brothers into the PORO SOCIETY and this time according to the dictates of the secret society, he needs his own biological son, which was slated to take place during this year initiation ceremony, and this will guarantee him having top position in the society and earn him respect among his peers in the village.

In an interview with his father, Chernor Salimu Diallo, told City Voice Newspaper that ” All my brothers are members of the secret PORO SOCIETY and Chernor Mohamed Diallo is the only son in this family who is adamant to join the PORO SOCIETY.” He also added that if only Chernor Mohamed Diallo joined this secret society, they would give me a new position as the “ARGBA” of the PORO SOCIETY. ” He needs to join the PORO SOCIETY or else they will kill him and if he fail to join this year’s initiation ceremony I will drive him out of my house,” he noted

Speaking with Chernor Mohamed Boie Diallo in a hide out, he told this press that ” My father and some senior members of the PORO SOCIETY are pouring unbelievable pressure on me to join this year’s initiation ceremony, and importantly there  is no place no place in my religion (ISLAM) for such secret societies.

He further  that he would move on with his life and he would never go back to his father’s house because he doesn’t want anything to happen with his life. ” My father will kill me if I go back home, and don’t want to be part of any secret society including PORO SOCIETY,”he spoke amidst tears.

Talking with his mother, Isata Jalloh, she said that she is not supporting the of her son to join the PORO SOCIETY but tradition demands that he must go through the process and he is the elderly son in the family.  ” I am a woman and I don’t have the power to question the tradition of the society as woman don’t have any right to make decision in the home,” she proclaimed.

The  PORO SOCIETY is a male secret society that has been in existence in Sierra Leone for more than a century of years. Statically, in 2019-2020 they initiated more than two thousand young boys in the provinces and hundreds of them lost their lives during the initiation processs.

By Mohamed Fofanah

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