Chengli Mining Pays Le1Bn To Land Owners in Diang & Sambaya Chiefdoms

In a bid to adhere to the Mines and Minerals act of 2009, the Chengli Mining Company has paid one billion and eighty million Leones to land owners of Diang and Sambaya Chiefdoms for operating in their communities. The move was to ensure that the communities improve in infrastructural developments.

The people of Diang and Sambaya Chiefdoms were extremely happy with the one billion and eighty million Leones paid as surface rent by Chengli Mining Company. The gleaming smiles on their faces show that they were toppled with joy for having a huge investment and a source of livelihood in their communities. This is the third time Chengli Mining Company is paying surface rent to communities in their mining area.

Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Fassally Tarawally, said devoid of the many challenges their company has been faced with over the years, they would continue to pay the surface rent to the two chiefdoms, as well as keep on building the capacity of the community people.

Government authorities including Minister of Youth Affairs, Mohamed Oman Bangura, Resident Minister Northern Region, Abu Abu Kamara, and honorable members of the host communities were very pleased with the great work done so far by the mining company and by putting smiles on the land owners’ faces. They reaffirmed government’s commitment to creating the enabling environment for private sector investment to thrive. They called on residents to work closely with the Chengli Mining Company for the benefit of both the company and the host communities.

Community authorities and Paramount Chiefs promised the government representatives and Chengli Mining Company management that they will embark on massive development with the sum paid.

Companies like Chengli Mining pays millions of dollars a year to the government for a large-scale gold mining license. The company has over the years helped the community with communications networks, school buildings, Water Supply, health centers, and the construction of a Chiefdom Court Barray among many other developments. It is expected that the two chiefdoms will utilize the surface rent money for the growth of the communities.

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