Charles Moroni Kargbo faces death threat

Charles Moroni Kargbo, a resident of Port Loko District, Northern part of Sierra Leone is facing a death threat for violating some of the laws of the land.
Kargbo, an indigene of the district is alleged to have rejected an offer from joining a secret poroh society of which his late uncle was the head.
According to an investigation, Kargbo’s uncle who was head of the secret poroh society was reported to have died during the war and therefore, Kargbo who happens to be the eldest son within the family was considered as the heir. This was recorded and so when Kargbo’s uncle died, the porch society men immediately approach the family after the burial. But for Kargbo, he was alleged to be very critical of such tradition hence the reason he and his late uncle had been in loggerhead even before the death of the late man. His position was that, as a religious man, he does not believe in any secret society which he considered to be sinful since he was a boy at the time attending the Catholic School where he was taught that such secret society is evil. When Kargbo’s uncle was killed during the war, his aunty travelled with him to Guinea. His aunty, according to the investigation was raped by the rebels and as a result, that stigma inflicted wounds in her mind even when she was in Guinea. Whilst in Guinea, Kargbo’s aunt died after a short illness. Kargbo who had escaped the wrath of the society men whilst in Guinea was later contacted in Guinea that his presence in Sierra Leone was highly needed to be initiated as the next ‘poroh leader. He was alleged to have turned down the invitation and so he was declared wanted on allegation of violating the tradition of the land. On many occasions, there have been several reports of the death of people being forced to be initiated and this created panic within young people who were afraid of joining a secret society. In Sierra Leone, the Poroh Society is one of the most feared as they always demonstrate incredible mystical powers. Sierra Leoneans fear them because they have part of their laws to unleash terror on anyone suspected of trying to pick a fight with them.
While Kargbo was in Guinea, some of the members were sent to capture him alive and bring him to Sierra Leone. Kargbo who was living in a refugee camp in Guinea left and find his way out of that country. Since then, a warrant was declared for him within the township. Police officers are usually are afraid to confront members of the poroh society. Civil Society Organisations and Human Rights Activists have been denouncing such acts but it is understood that there are members within the government whose relationship to this society is highly connected from their root hence that makes it difficult to prosecute them or any member of the society.

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