Bollore Supports Mo Wharf & Seaside Communities With Ramadan Food Items

At a ceremony held in the compound of the Bollore Logistics at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay, the new Managing Director of the company, Nicolai and management, donated assorted food items to elders of the MoWharf and Seaside Communities for onward transmission to the residents, as well as to the SLPA, as part of its support during the Ramadan Muslim fasting period. 

Bollore Manager, Nicolai, in an exclusive interview with this writer, said that the essence of the donation is to take care of the people in whose community they are operating, adding that Bollore is very committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, stressing that they have a strong CSR program, furthering that as the month of Ramadan is at hand, they thought it fit to take this action now. He also disclosed that this donation is not only going to be done to these communities alone, but will be replicated in the other communities. He disclosed that it is barely two months since he took over the mantle of leadership from his Predecessor, and that he is learning more about the people and the community. He stressed that their future plan is to help- the country develop.

Explaining the background for the initiative to raise awareness on drug abuse, he said that during the engagement and visits to the community when he took up office, the concern from the various stakeholders, including the Member of Parliament was about the abuse of drugs in the community by youths. He maintained that Bollore has a strong policy against drug abuse, and he felt that with all the concerns raised by the various stakeholders in the Community, he should do whatever he can to help the youths overcome this situation.

Nicolai also disclosed that he has worked in countries where there is a high Muslim population and understands what happens during the Ramadan period, so he decided to fast track the donation to help the people prepare for the Fast. He then wished them a wonderful Ramadan.

Speaking during the donation, Member of Parliament for Constituency 122, Hon Koyo, said that Corporate Social Responsibility has been regularly shown by Bollore since its inception, with the donation of huge consignments of food items to cushion the effect of the Ramadan month, as well as other actions in various communities. He furthered that he is not surprised at this gesture by the company, which he said a sign of appreciation of the people in whose community they are operating. He also dwelt on the issue of drug abuse spoken about by the Bollore manager, noting that this is adversely affecting youths in the community. JHe disclosed that during discussions with the MD, he was pleased to know that the Manger is also determined to help in addressing this menace through an awareness raising campaign planned for Saturday 26th March 2022 to sensitize residents and youths about the effect of drugs on the youth population in the community.  He called on all community members to engage others about the donation of the company and the visit of company officials to raise awareness over the effect of drug abuse.

Hon Koyo said that as a member of the constituency, he is also concerned about the abuse of drugs by youths, and warned against leaders encouraging youths on drug abuse. He also expressed deep appreciation to the new MD, Nicolai, for this gesture, and prayed for the continued collaboration between the company and the constituency.

Sheik Mohamed A. Bangura, Representative of the Seaside community, also expressed appreciation to the company, adding that the message of the MP was timely and a sign of respect for all in the community. To the Bollore management, he said that he is not surprised over their current expression of love for the community, as this has been their usual contribution and consideration for the community. He called for unity among all in the community and the company.

Abubakarr Barrie, Representative from Mo Wharf community, expressed joy and appreciation for the good gesture, and welcomed the initiative of the company to engage the youths in the community on the issue of drug abuse, adding that this step is an indication that the company cares about every individual in the community.

Mr. Rogers, Ports Security Manager, expressed appreciation to Bollore for the gesture, adding that it is timely for such an act. He called on the community to help the Port to maintain security of the area, as they will also be able to identify any criminal escaping from any activity at the Port. He then wished the Muslims in the community a happy Ramadan.

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