Blames LUC Magona for the burning of their house..

Kamara Family cries for justice

The Kamara Family of No 4 Mama Lane, Kambia Town, Magbema Chiefdom, Kambia District, have registered their frustration and accused the Local Unit Commander (LUC) of Kambia Police Division   AbuBakarr Magona and Crime Officer, D/ASP J.B Lahai, of neglecting their complaints about threats to their property and lives. This failure to respond to their concerns resulted in the burning of their family house, destruction of proprieties and has also put their lives under threat; allegedly from thugs belonging to a drug trafficking cartel.

Investigation undertaken by this medium revealed that the whole saga started, when the family caught a young man, who they alleged to stolen a mobile phone and some animals from the family. According to our information, the suspect was beaten by angry community youths when he was caught. According to the youths, the suspect was identified as one of those terrorizing the community and robbing innocent people

According to our source, the suspect is said to have died later in a swamp after he was allowed to go. It was also revealed that the death of this suspect sparked serious tension in the community, as another set of youths that claimed the deceased was a member of their gang, promised to avenge his death, and had intimated that the kamara family house will be their number one target, which they will burn down. They also threatened to kill a member of the family.

According to the family, the threat was immediately reported to the Kambia Police Division. One OSD personnel was dispatched with the family to assess the threat, with cost borne by the family. On his return, no deployment was made there to forestall the imminent threat of attack on the family. The family maintained that several complaints about the pending attack was made to the police, and on all those occasions, the LUC and the Crime Officer of Kambia Police Division assured them that nothing will happen to them.

It was also revealed that one of the alleged leaders of the group of thugs, by the name of Nelly, came with the corpse of the suspect at the Police Station, in a grey unregistered vehicle, and in the presence of the police, threatened to go and set the house ablaze. It was disclosed that after that encounter, the leader and his gang of thugs then went with offensive weapons and set the house ablaze.

Our investigations revealed that Superintendent of Police, Christina, head of OSD in the Division, upon getting intelligence of the said attack, assembled her team to quickly move to the scene, but was unable to proceed, as the LUC told her that the key to Operational Vehicle was missing, but the key was later made available by the LUC, after the house was set ablaze.

The whole house was burnt down and proprieties also looted.

The family also accused the LUC of releasing, Nelly, the main suspect, who had been arrested at the Scene.

According to residents in the community, Nelly is alleged to be running a drug cartel in the Kambia district and allegedly hosting most of the criminals. As a known criminal, and the refusal by the police to keep him behind bars, has raised concerns over his association with the police. Many believe that the free manner in which he carries on with his illegal business could only mean that he has the backing of the police.

To get the side of the police, this medium contacted the LUC, who confirmed the arson incident, but stated that it was a spontaneous issue. He stated that Nelly was released, because he committed no crime, he furthered that they were investigating a case of Murder and Arson, adding that they now have in their custody two suspects with respect to the two crimes.

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