Being Caught In The Act Of Lesbianism…

Zainab Marrah Faces Death Threats From Community People

Reports reaching this medium revealed that community members of Porpon village, Neya Chiefdom, Kabala District, a Muslim dominated area, attacked Zainab Marrah and her partner, Victoria Kamara, on allegation of practicing same sex, an act described by them and many as demonic and condemned by both Muslims and Christians as devilish, inspired by demonic affiliations. Both ladies are said to have only been saved by the intervention of some police officers in the chiefdom.

According to investigations mounted by this medium, Zainab Marrah is said to have been secretly practicing lesbianism, unknown to her family. Living at 2E Decker Lane, Lumley, in the Western Freetown suburb, Zainab has been seen in the company of one Victoria Kamara, who was incidentally named as the partner she was caught in the act with, in the Kabala District, on several occasions. Victoria is said to be residing at and living at 8B Babadorie, Lumley.Family sources say that they have seen both ladies spending time together on many occasions, but did not have the slightest idea that they were both lesbians. It was further disclosed that Zainab had told them that she was visiting the family in Kabala and was taking her friend along to see her village.

In Porpon village, Neya Chiefdom, our investigation revealed that a neighbour living next to the family house stumbled on the two ladies when she went to collect her phone from a female inmate, whose room was being occupied by Zainab, and discovered both ladies in very compromising situation. It was further revealed that she then raised an alarm, which brought both family member and community people to the scene. Zainab and her partner are alleged to have been dragged out of the house and subjected to embarrassing postures, including beating, and was only saved from lynching by some police officers passing through the village on their way to another Chiefdom. As some of the officers knew the Marrah family, they warned her to leave the village or both of them will be lynched.

On her return to Freetown, news of the said incident quickly filtered to town, and Zainab became a subject of discussion by neighbours and members of the community. Wherever she went, she was hounded by community youths and elders, who see her as a big disgrace, and there are indications that some youths were planning on attacking her. Our source further explained that since this incident, Zainab has been made uncomfortable, as she has been subject to abuse, intimidation and threats of violence by both male and female residents in the community, and there is information that her home has been targeted by youths on several occasions, leading her landlord to contemplate on giving her notice to quit his premises.

According to a family friend of Zainab, who spoke to this medium on condition of anonymity, Zainab Marrah comes from a very strict religious family, who are opposed to such practices, which are also seen by both religions in the country, as demonic and devilish, and being caught in the act is like a taboo. She expressed fear for the safety of Zainab, giving as example, intelligence that some youths are planning on attacking her and give her the lesson of her life that if she survives, she will desist from such practice.

Same sex relationships are described by both religions in the country as demonic and condemned by society, including the government. It is even worse in traditional setting. In many cases, people caught in such acts are often beaten to death, and the police do not delve into such matters, as it is illegal and a taboo. Deaths from such matters are seen by society as good riddance. In cases where parents get to know of such situations, the suspect is taken to traditional herbalists who often declare them as demon possessed, and would administer herbal concoctions, as well as rituals to exorcize the demons, often leading to their deaths.

As we go to press the life of Zainab Marrah is at stake, and she stands a chance of being killed by angry community youths, who see her presence in the community as a bad omen. Reports of the aforesaid threats have had no response from the police, and Zainab has been left to face her fate at the hands of the community people.

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