August 10 Protest…

Ibrahim Bangura declared wanted

Ibrahim Bangura, son of late Councillor John Ahmed Bangura who was killed during the August 10 protest has been declared wanted by the Sierra Leone Police.
Bangura, a resident of 7 John Street, Lumpa, Waterloo, the Western rural district information gathered was declared wanted by the police on allegation of playing a key role ahead of the August 8, 9, and 10 Protest.
The protest in question was used to exercise frustration against the rising cost of goods and services, a situation that led to the destruction of lives and properties. Bangura, according to police sources is a member of the PPP a group name that was used to spearhead the protest. It could be recalled that the Bio government has in their recent releases expressed concern about a man called Adebayor as the man responsible for inciting young people, a statement dismissed by the young people who believe that Adebayor is a true democrat and civil rights activist. In all of these, they consider him as the voice of the truth and gave him the nickname “the King of Sierra Leone”. Adebayor lives in the Netherlands. He is widely known for releasing audio exposing the rampant corruption of the current government. Others are saying the civil rights activist has been on this year’s back and that he even lambasted the previous APC Government of President Koroma. Adebayor’s crusade has gained prominence to the extent that the majority of the masses believe in what he says and this has created serious problems for the ruling government.
Ibrahim Bangura according to police investigation is declared wanted because his house was allegedly used to print T-Shirts and other publication materials ahead of the August 10 Protest. On the 8, and 9 of August 2022, there was a sit-down strike in which government workers refuse to go to work. Commercial vehicles, shops, and other businesses remained closed for those two days. On the 10th of August, the protest continues as there was a recent announcement by the government with a 70% increment on the pump price of fuel. This announcement on fuel increment did not go down well with the majority who are of the view that an increment in the pump price of fuel will lead to a corresponding increment in other commodities. Therefore, there was wild condemnation by the masses of the increment. Bangura’s father Councillor John Ahmed Bangura of the APC was killed in cold blood in Waterloo by security forces. He was widely known to be a member of the Opposition APC. His family was also targeted and his house was burnt down by party loyalists to the ruling SLPP Government. When news of his son’s involvement (Ibrahim Bangura) in the August 10 protest reaches members of the SLPP in Waterloo, his house was targeted. His photos were posted in different locations with words like ” Ibrahim Bangura wanted dead or alive, Ibrahim Bangura should be killed just like his father, Ibrahim Bangura is an operative of Adebayor. Words like these were posted in different locations and the police decided to go on operation arrest, detained, and charged to court anyone alleged to be part of the August 10.
At the time of storming the resident of Ibrahim Bangura, was nowhere to be seen hence the reason why the police declared him wanted.
Times SL correspondent in Waterloo was also molested and have his camera, phone, and other gadgets taken from him by the police as he was filming the event. Ibrahim Bangura nor anyone from his family could not be reached to know if the young man is alive. His whereabouts up to the time of going to press remained unknown.

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