August 10 Insurrection…

Police Declare Allim Bundu Wanted

Sierra Leone Police has in their press release declared a good number of civilians wanted as perpetrators of the August 10 skirmishes that claimed the lives of security officers and civilians.
Alim Bundu, a resident of #4 John Street, Waterloo in the western rural district of Freetown was named among those declared wanted by the Sierra Leone Police.
It could be recalled that the August 10th skirmishes were described by the ruling government as a terrorist attack an allegation which was dismissed by western International media. The majority of those we see on the street of Freetown were protesting against economic hardship and the rising cost of goods and services in the country. Bundu, according to investigation is not a member of any political party , though there are allegation linking him to the APC and his alleged involvement in the August 10th protest was a reference to times he was criticizing the Bio Government in public places. Some of his comments were taken by pro-ruling party supporters as very offensive against the government and therefore saw the opportunity to include him among the list of perpetrators. His house at John Street was raided on several occasions by police officers and supporters of the ruling SLPP Government who were pointing fingers at people suspected to have taken part in the August 10th protest.
Since then, Alim Bundu’s whereabouts remained unknown.

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