As SLPP Supporters Demand Immediate Cabinet Reshuffle….

Sleepless Nights for Greedy Ministers & Others in Bio’s Govt

Supporters of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party have been flooding social media with videos, audios and write-ups expressing anger, frustration and disappointment at some of those appointed by President Julius Maada Bio to serve in various positions. Concerns are that 98% of those appointed are greedy, as all they believe is to make provisions for their immediate families, with few exceptions like Minister of information, Mohamed Rahman Swarray, Batilo Songa, Napoleon Koroma, Ibrahim Swarray of NPPA, Panda Noah of the Internal Affairs Ministry, Dr. Alpha Wurie (are said to be generous), whilst Yankuba  Askia Bio, Deputy GM of the Ports Authority, SLRSA Boss, Ibrahim Sannoh  were singled out as generous and caring, the likes of Alpha Timbo, Dr. Turad Senessie of Lands, and Chief Minister J.J Saffa, were described as average givers.

. They expressed that quite a good number of the current ministers, directors, managers etc are selfish, and have rendered party supporters as laughing stock within their localities, as they cannot boast of anything the SLPP has done for them within the three years the party has been in governance.

Interviews conducted with some cross section of the SLPP membership also pointed allegation at some of these appointees as “greedy folks”, who will prefer to spend monies on their concubines. The SLPP, they claimed, is always known for spending foolishly on concubines, alcohol and other foolish things, forgetting that their supporters, who sacrificed a lot for the party, are living in frustration. Therefore, concerns raised is for President Julius Maada Bio to immediately do a cabinet reshuffle and weed out ministers, managers, directors and others, who are unable to perform in their various departments. There is also call for the President to ensure that the next crop of Presidential appointees should be people who have the party at heart. “When the APC was in power, some of us who were in opposition enjoyed the generosity of APC ministers, directors, managers and others. Life for some of us under the previous APC government was far better than what we see today. Our Ministers, Chairmen, Managers, Directors, Commissioners are greedy. They care less about us the supporters. They always turn us down whenever we visit their offices. The SLPP is yet to learn and we are therefore calling on President Bio to do wider consultation this time around with us, the grassroots, before appointing people to serve in his government” they explained in videos, audios and many write ups on social media.

It is understood that some of these concerns raised by supporters of the SLPP has made Presidential appointees to be having sleeplessness nights, as plans are underway for a major cabinet reshuffle. President Bio, according to credible party sources, is alleged to have advised his appointees to ensure they provide the necessary platform in addressing the plight of party supporters, but is highly disappointed because of the complaints that have kept coming from the supporters.

Pls look for the photos of the following APC Ministers and others..

Presidential Press Secretary: Yusuf Keketoma Sandi- where do you belong?

GM- SLNSC- Ahmed Saybom Kanu- greedy?

Minister of information – Mohamed Rahman Swarray: Generous?

Finance Minister- Dennis Vandy- average?

SLRSA Boss- Ibrahim Sannoh- generous?

Chief Minister – Jacob Jusu Saffa- where do you belong?

Mines Minister: Timothy Kabbah- greedy?

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