As Second Tanker Arrives…

Conex Floods Market With Fuel

CEO of Conex, Amadu Kassim Jah, in an exclusive interview with this writer, disclosed that in order to meet the demands for fuel in the country, his company has doubled its effort in ensuring that fuel is available in the country. He maintained that since commencement of operations in the country, the company had hit the ground running, and has been bringing in two fuel vessels a month into the country, adding that under the current situation, they have also doubled their effort to ensure availability in the country.

Giving a brief background about Conex, Amadu Jah explained that the company is a Pan-African company based in Liberia that is here now in Sierra Leone to stay. He furthered that Conex bought over Total in November 2021, and upon taking over, they went into high gear, bringing two vessels per month, depending on the demand.

He furthered that with the current crisis in Ukraine, they have also doubled their efforts to ensure fuel is available. He recalled the meeting they had last week with President Bio, when he engaged all Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs), adding that during the said meeting, on behalf of Conex, he personally promised the President that he will ensure that fuel is available in the country.

Amadu Jah disclosed that over the weekend, a fuel vessel came in on Sunday with a huge consignment of fuel, and was offloaded on Monday, adding that in order to address the situation, the fuel is being distributed to dealers across the country now. He also maintained that they are expecting another fuel vessel during the  course of this week. All these, Amadu Jah maintained, are efforts made by all OMCs (NP-SL, Leon Oil, APP & Malador) to ensure that fuel is available in the country. He assured that this challenges have helped to cement a strong tie between OMCs and the government. He called on Sierra Leoneans to exercise patience, as all the Oil Marketing Companies are doing their best to ensure that fuel is available at all times in the country. He stressed that the fuel crisis is not a making of Sierra Leone, but a global crisis, due to the war in Ukraine, and we are only feeling the pinches. OMCs, he furthered, are committed to ensure that fuel is made available across the country at all times, stressing that the cost of fuel, as a result of the said war, has doubled, and they have to buy at the current increased prices.

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