Mustapha Koroma, aged 41, whose whereabouts is presently unknown for fear of persecution, is now a subject of police investigation for homosexual activity
that eventually saw several of his associates mercilessly beaten by community irate youths in a homophobic attack led by police and subsequently detained in police custody pending investigations

This violent homophobic attack on their social gathering left several of his colleagues with gashed heads and severe injuries

However, the few including the fugitive Mustapha who were also beaten by the community youths largely from an Islamic background who percieve such a practice as a taboo and were lucky to escape the wrath afterwards had since gone extinct after the incident

However, police has confirmed to The Times Newspaper that Mustapha Koroma who is believed to be the architect and a host of the get-together in which several youngsters have been arrested by the police has now been declared wanted following his mysterious disappearance.

He is wanted by the police for questioning for homosexual gathering he hosted in his home town at Rokundor village, Fabina àArea, Koya Rural District, on 16th February 2022, which police says, is criminal.

Explaining the situation that led to Mustapha’s disappearance, his younger sister Hajaratu Koroma who appeared very concerned over the whereabouts of her elder brother, whom he said, is the breadwinner of the family has told this press that since her brother fled the village after police and some Islamic irate youth conducted violent raid on their gathering, his whereabouts is still unknown

According to the sister, his uncle who is an Islamic scholar in the community together with some irate youth in the village who seemed very furious over Mustapha’s homosexual ideology which they say is against their religion are now issuing death threats against her brother if arrested.

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