Sierra Leone Police has declared 28-year-old Esther Kumba Foday wanted for her involvement in lesbianism activities, despite being an immoral behaviour based on the fact that it is still illegal in the country, but there is no law against such an offence in the country’s law books that makes it an offence This comes after teenagers arrested for engaging in lesbianism activity during a police raid at Lungi, Port Loko District on 21st October 2021 were shown on a national broadcasterMariama Kumba Wattay, mother of 28 year old Esther Foday, confirmed to this medium that, her 28-year-old daughter gone missing on 24 October 2021, after police declared her wanted for what they alleged was an offence against the state, despite the fact that they cannot proffer charges against her The mother who seemed very worried over the safety of her daughter was seemingly quoted to have said “I don’t want the police to harm my daughter. I am calling on government and other international partners to assist protect my daughter because all what they are alleging now are not the doing of my daughter. I knew her and I grew her up to be a good and responsible individual in society. All what she is going through now is completely peer group influence but I am certainly sure that, what the police are accusing her of are not who my daughter is”.Raymond Foday who identified himself as Esther’s father said “because her daughter wants to bring shame to our family and our religion, I arrested her myself and handed her over to the police so that she will be to prison for her entire life time, This, will please me before allowing her bring shame to my family and religion.”“I will not regret if she died anywhere in any circumstances, It would be better for her to die with the level of disgrace she wanted to inflict on their family since lesbianism is against our religion and tribe” he fumed He said he was surprised to had return from the mosque and heard that his daughter was among the ladies that were raided by the Police for lesbianism but escaped the wrath , He said he went directly to her daughter’s husband’s house arrested her and hand her over to the police himself.Though police could not divulge what went wrong that led to the missing out of a person in their custody for 3 days before reported missing with a public declaration of her as wanted person. But it spokesman Ibrahim Samura said, “he is yet to be furnished with information on the missing girl from the Lungi Police Division. But however said once investigations are complete he will inform the family accordinglyMariama Kumba Wattay was sobbing in tears behind their family house at No. 6 Turay Street, Lungi and was been consoled by her neighbors whom were telling her not to cry loud for fear that if her husband heard her crying for the girl, she will be sent out of her marital home. Neighbors confirmed that in many instances when elders within the community went to plea to the father Raymond Foday on behalf of his daughter, the Islamic clergy will emphatically tell them that, if anyone including his family members dare to plea on that matter, he will forever disown them and permanently stop them from visiting his house.Josephine Bangura, a teenager who happens to be one of Esther Kumba Foday’s school mates said, they were school mate attending the Ahmadiyya Muslim Primary School in Lungi between 2000 to 2006 when they took the National Primary School Examination (NPSE) and proceeded to Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School in Lungi. He said they came from a strong Islamic family background and as evident in their entire educational pathway, they had to attend an Islamic school but before Esther Kumba Foday could reached for their final High school, West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), she dropped out from school and embarked on some petty trading along Rawdon Street in central Freetown.In an exclusive interview with Mariama Kumba Wattay on how worried she was about her daughter’s situation especially when the police had declared her wanted for allegedly engaging in Lesbianism activity, she expressed that, when her daughter was handed over to the police at Lungi police by his biological father and some community people, she was worried especially for her daughter’s life. She confirmed that Esther and the other girl, spent 3 nights at the police cell while their case files and charges were compiled.“As a mother owing to the fact that Esther was her daughter and knowing well that if they were charged to court on allegations, we knew nothing about, it will be difficult for us. So, what I did was to plea with some of the police officer but not a single one of them could assist me. I was prevented from even talking to my daughter and since the third night I saw them to date, I am yet to set my eyes on my priceless daughter and as a mother since then to date, I am worried and concern about the life of my daughter because I am too old now and I am not sure if my daughter is alive or dead,” she explained as she sobbed.Madam Wattay said because she wanted to save her daughter from what she was going through then, she had to use almost all her savings from the petty trade she was engaged in just to protect and save her daughter from being sent to prison. She said as a mother she is deeply worried about the whereabouts of her daughter especially after they were declared wanted by police and community people.Despite the fact that there are no laws in the country books that says anything about same sex there is no record of any same sex activity in the country but police continues to arrest and prosecute people arrested in any alleged same sex affairs. Campaigners and advocates on same sex rights were reported killed and others been harassed and humiliated seriously because Sierra Leone continues to practice and implement petty crime laws.The case of Esther Kumba Foday, a 28-year-old woman that was reported missing from police custody with a blanket declaration of her being wanted by the police and others continue to suffer in silence as a result of what they believe. They have rights to their sexual belief and orientation but members of the public especially the government are not in favor of this because the country is so religious tolerance and both religions are against and totally condemned any moves on legalization of same sex in the country.

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