As Jaffa’s Case Continues Unabated…

Where Is The Justice Under Bio’s Govt.

Whilst the Court continues to hold onto its judgment on the Jaffa Leon Oil case, a good number of Sierra Leonean workers are currently suffering, as the dealer is barely keeping them out of love for his compatriots, and the absence of jobs in the country.

According to the Managing Director of SHKM, Jaffa Zeghir, he is still waiting on the High Court to give a ruling on his case, but that under the current situation, business is hard, as he is yet to get his fuel supply from Leon Oil, for which he has paid billions of Leones. He furthered that amidst this situation, other dealers would have laid off their workers, but since he is concerned about his staff welfare, he is constrained to keep them, and has been encouraging them to exercise patience, as after the ruling, they will be adequately taken care of.

Some workers spoken to say that Jaffa is a very good man, otherwise the situation that he has been put in, would have prompted him to redundant them, and under the current circumstance, availability of jobs is virtually nil. They maintained that they have other stations across the country and contracts to supply some institutions with fuel, but this current situation has hampered their ability to meet with their obligation. They called on the government to ensure that justice is served and Leon Oil made to honour its obligation to its dealer, as well as compensate for the period of economic loss whilst the matter is still awaiting adjudication.Some social commentators say that the case of Jaffa has the proclivity to discourage investors, as they will believe that they will not get justice in the event that their rights are violated when operating in the country. Whilst it is being alleged that the delay in passing Judgment is due to undue influence of the Judiciary by the Executive, many say that the country has very competent judges, who are ready to deliver justice, but their hands are tied by all these political wrangling behind the scenes. Justice delayed, they say, is Justice denied. Is the law favoring those with connections over the innocent citizens, even when it is abundantly clear that the innocent has the right, as in the case of sale of goods?

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