As He Runs to Save His Life…

“Poro” Society Men in Desperate Search of Alie Bolima*

This Media House has been intimated that Alie Bolima Kamara who left the shores of Sierra Leone on Sunday 18th March 2018, as a result of severe harassment and narrow escape from death in the hands of secret society ” Poro” Men has received a shocking message from his family and wife that his only surviving son who is 2years 8months old has been threatened to be initiated by inhumane secret society Men in the absence of his father.

This newspaper has discovered that quite recently they engaged his wife Ramatulie through his family and threatened that Alie Bolima Kamara must return to Sierra Leone to be initiated, as a replacement to his late father. Alie’s family pretended as if the presence of the “Poro” Men would not be felt as a catch to knock him down. Upon her arrival, it was revealed that his wife felt shocked and dismay when she saw the society Men with her husband’s family planning on how to initiate the innocent child who was born on 11th October 2019 for something he absolutely knew nothing about. According to this Reporter, they were so annoyed in a such a way that everyone got scared including the Reporter himself, Pa Sorie and other family members. It was said that his wife ran to her beloved son after his name was pronounced for initiation as a replacement for his missing Dad. This newspaper observed that it came as a surprise to see how adamant those cruel society Men were to punish an innocent 2year 8 months child in the name of withholding cultural beliefs and was said it is the first in History.
This Media Outlet outlined that it is unfortunate to know that Government functionaries, Police Officers, politicians and other stakeholders are involved in such a clumsy secret society and whatever bad conduct they are caught doing, no rigid action would be taken against them. ” They will do anything they feel like with impunity and nobody questions their excesses when it comes to punishing innocent youth and children” Exclaimed Ramatulie. It was discovered that the most terrible moment of all is the fact that the entire family including the wife and kid of Alie Bolima are in shambles and was told that even the child is in a critical medical condition of which some traditional Men are saying maybe he has received some spiritual shock based on the unflinching targets the ” Poro” guys are imposing on his life. This Reporter went to Conduct another exclusive interview with Ramatulie but she was no where to be found and her phone was switched off. When asked about her location, it was said that they did not know her whereabout.

However, this Writer has investigated that an ultimatum was given to Bolima to return for the initiation, otherwise his two year eight months old son would be initiated. This Reporter was also informed that Alie’s uncle Pa Sorie was desperately seeking his presence to be felt and threatened that if Alie do not return to be initiated, then they will be left with no better option rather than initiating his two year eight months old son so that the whole family would not be targeted.

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