As DPP & Judiciary Frustrates Crippled Victim…

Sahr Doe Cries to President Bio for Justice

Estate developer, Sahr Doe, has expressed bitter anger and frustration against the judiciary over the decision and advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions on the discontinuation of a  criminal proceedings  matter  between the Inspector General of Police, as complainant, and Abdul Rahman Sesay and Feimata Kanneh as 1st and 2nd defendants.

Addressing journalists at a  news  conference, Doe said he was devastated about the justice system in the country, citing a letter dated 17th May 2021 and  written by the Director of Public Prosecution, Easmon N.B. Ngakui Esq. addressed to the Presiding Magistrate at the Waterloo Magistrate Court,  with advice to discontinue a Criminal Proceeding Matter in the Magistrate Court holden at Waterloo, Western rural district of Freetown.

He advanced that what happened on the 17th May 2021 was a slap on the face of justice, especially for a matter that has got six hearings. “The matter in question involved one of my staff, Franklyn Kamara, who was alleged to have stolen a mobile phone from my house. Kamara later confessed that he was sent by my ex-wife, Feimata Kanneh, and also implicated my security, Abdul Rahman Sesay. During the court hearing at the Magistrate Court, it was the first accused that made a confessionary statement implicating the 2nd and 3rd accused. The stolen phone has evidence of my ex-wife’s cheating affairs with her naked body.  I never reported the 2nd and 3rd accused,” Doe said, adding that, both of them were implicated by the 1staccused. “My greatest surprise was when I received a notice that the matter was to be discontinued, despite the fact that the 1st accused in the said matter has been convicted and is presently in prison serving his sentence. The decision by the DPP, to me, was highly political and tribal. By letting the 2nd and 3rd accused to go free, has not only brought injustice to me, but poses a threat to my life and safety at Grafton, where I live,  because my ex-wife is using people that are working for me to go after my life,” he furthered.

Speaking from his wheelchair, Doe added that his case now is for President Bio to ensure justice is delivered to him, as he strongly believes in the President, as a President for all. He pointed out that the decision of the DPP and the judiciary to discontinue the matter, whilst it is abundantly clear that the two people have a case to answer is not only frustrating, but also disgusting. The gravity of the matter came to the fore when the 3rd accused was charged to court, the Presiding Magistrate refused her bail on condition of the gravity of the offence committed, “but all of a sudden, what we heard was a call from above to overturn the decision and ruling of the magistrate. Another surprising thing was the refusal of the 3rd accused to adhere to the court’s demanded that she surrender the phone before the court. Her refusal saw no action from the court to get her to obey the said order” the bitter and frustrated Doe stated, whilst expressing that he was also considering another line of action within the shortest possible time.

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