Ambassador Mohamed Kai Samba and his Deputy, Mr.  Paul A.S Mina, on Friday 5th March 2021, met with Sierra Leoneans for the first time in Istanbul, Turkey. Speaking during the meeting, Ambassador kai Samba expressed happiness in seeing them and assured them that he will fly the Green, White and Blue flag high during his tour of duty, and will ensure that all Sierra Leoneans living in Turkey are protected. He furthered that the embassy in Ankara has developed a data base form and ID for all Sierra Leoneans. Amb.  Kai Samba disclosed that the ID card is going to serve as a temporary document for those who do not have resident permit, and encourage all to take the form very serious.

H.E. Kai Samba further he encourage them to work hard and be able to contribute to the development of Mama Salone, stressing that the country  is open for business, and that the government is encouraging investors to come and invest in the country.

His Excellency recalled that on his arrival in Turkey, the government had commenced the implementation of restrictive measures, including movement and lockdowns, as their response to the COVID-19 that had also hit that country, and this had prevented him from meeting Sierra Leoneans.

In his statement, President of the Sierra Leone community in Turkey, Mohamed Sheika Sesay, thanked the Ambassador for the concern, adding that they will support his plans in the country.

Thaimiya, a student living in Turkey, said that many Sierra Leonean are happy for his presence in the country. He recalled that the Sierra Leonean community in the country has been crying for an ambassador for quite some time now, and the assignment of such a personality to Turkey has resulted in commendation and appreciation to President Bio for listening to their cry.

Deputy Ambassador, Mr.  Paul A.S Mina, expressed happiness in meeting with his compatriots in Ankara, noting that the measures put in place by the Turkish government in response to COVID-19, had prevented them from meeting with them. He encouraged them to continue to show love to each other, adding that they were sent there by President Bio to represent the country and seek the safety of Sierra Leoneans.

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