Alhaji Foday Yansaneh Faces Death Threat for being Gay

Reports reaching this medium has intimated that Alhaji Foday Yansaneh , a resident of samu, Kambia District, northern part of Sierra Leone has been declared wanted for his alleged involvement in gay bisexual activities contrary to the laws of the land.

Alhaji Foday Yansaneh who comes from a Muslim background with his father as the strong muslim figure is said to have committed one of the worse crime by getting himself involved in gay life.

Investigation revealed that Alhaji was caught by his father making love with his gay partner. The act which is one among many of the violations of the laws of Sierra Leone could result to 14 years in prison together with hard labour when convicted.

His father was alleged to have discovered the dastardly act after his returned from the Muslim night prayers. He immediately raised an alarm after discovered that his son (Alhaji) was in his room making love with somebody of the same sex. The incident lasted for over five hours as throng of youth within the township descended to either set Alhaji and his gay partner alive for what they described as sacrilege against their customs, traditions and religious beliefs. Other relatives and community members knowing that Alhaji Yansaneh’s father is a well known muslim leader within the community and also a well respected personality. Because of his father’s role within the community, the community people did not spare him as they all denounced the act whilst calling for punishment with others suggesting death..

But for Alhaji Yansaneh, he thought that as a full grown man he has done nothing wrong and he will do anything to satisfy his sexual desire. Even though his act was contrary to some of the country’s religious, traditional beliefs and national laws governing the country, he strongly believes that the United Nations Universal Declaration Conventions of 1945 gives him the right to do what he thinks his right for him. Therefore, he became angry that his father had delved into his private life as he was quoted to have made some negative comments against his him that resulted into serious skirmishes within the township. His argument was that he has right to decide his own destiny.

A legal luminary Ibrahim Mansaray Esq. when contacted to give his legal advice on the issue told this medium that anybody arrested and charged to court and found guilty for offences related to Gay, bisexual, and lesbianism will go for life imprisonment for a period of 14 years backed with hard labour.

Sources close to the family say when Alhaji Yansaneh’s father returned from prayers he heard the screaming voice in the room of his son. He then decided to verify what was the reason for such screaming and there he discovered his son was in his room making love with another man. As a respected man of God within the community , he immediately informed community members who rushed to the scene.

Report further states that people went there in huge number and then grabbed Alhaji Yansaneh and his partner and began to beat them with sticks and other offensive weapons but fortunately for them, they escaped and disappeared in thin air as they were declared wanted.
However, family sources disclosed that since the father of Alhaji Yansaneh disowned him, his whereabouts remained unknown and that he has also been declared wanted.
In an effort to cross check from Alhaji Yansaneh, this writer made frantic efforts to get his side but all prove futile.

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