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Omar Jabbie takes over NGC in the Diaspora

Omar Jabbie (OJ), a philanthropist and one of Sierra Leone most decorated individuals in the United State of America, USA over the weekend, was given the mantle of leadership in the diaspora, when he was elected Chairman of National Grand Coalition NGC North America region by delegates, in Pennsylvania USA.

Omar Jabbie was born and raised in the Eastend Part of Freetown, to a humble Islamic family and accrued basic education in the 90s, and edges in community organization service, before having the opportunity to travel in the United State of America in the Mid 90s.

Jabbie further his studies in the US and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Technical Management and later got his master’s in project management and public administration. Over the years he has acquired several certificates in other related courses.

Jabbie later got a job in one of the top 10 companies in America, where he has spent over two decades at the top management level since then. In his professional career, Jabbie has managed people, processes and projects which includes but not limited to launching new businesses, products and services and also continues to manage complex relationships.

Jabbie has been engaging in numerous humanitarian activities back in Sierra Leone and the United State.

During the Ebola Crisis in the country, Jabbie was one of those, donated food items and preventative materials to victims.

He is one of those that headed a fundraising campaign that supported the government of Sierra Leone with Personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical equipment worth over 2.5 Million dollar, in the fight against Ebola, he led a demonstration in front of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US to demand more action to end the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.

He also collected and delivered signatures to CDC and the United States house of congress delegation from Georgia to galvanized support for the people of Sierra Leone and that made those Institutions comes up with public statement registering their commitment to support the country, it is against that backdrop in 2015 Alpha Omar Jabbie was Awarded  the American Presidential Community Services Award, by Barack Obama, Former President of America .

Omar continued his mobilization to also raise funds during the 2017 Mudslide and now the Fight against Covid-19 in the country.

He has always been helpful to the Sierra Leone community in Sierra Leone in the USA in devise ways. He believes in the ideal that to whom much is given, much is expected.

Omar continued that he is not a politician but was motivated and got inspired by Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella actions, after all his achievement in the international world and his continued potential to still serve in the international but decided to leave all that came home to help his nation.

Jabbie decided to join the KKY Movement that later transformed to the NGC party.

He stated that he is not a politician, but he believes he has something to offer to the 7.6 Million Sierra Leoneans of which majority is living in abject poverty, families are making do without three (3) square meals a day, without adequate electricity, pipe borne water and basic medical facilities.

He said the country is rich and blessed, but the problem of putting square pegs in round holes – Choosing leaders who don’t have the capacity to lead. Against that backdrop that is why NGC is poised to change the trajectory of our country by giving proper management to the country’s many resources with a proper regional mambalance that will benefit the entire nation

Jabbie became a popular figure within the Sierra Leone community in the USA for his strong advocacy and community service in uniting Sierra Leoneans in that part of the world.

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