After spending unpleasant time in forceful early married:

Woman Escapes Death from Husband and Poro Society

By Augustine Kamara

A young woman named Zainab Koroma, formerly of Madina Fullah village, in the Sanda Loko chiefdom, Kerene district, North West is currently on the run after being hunted and declared wanted by her husband and members of his poro society.

Reports say Zainab escaped from the hand of her captives on July 1st, 2022 with the help of her friend’s fiancé, who was part of the poro guys who abducted her.

According to reports gathered by this reporter, at age 14 years, she lost her parents and was sent to live with her aunty who forced her to get married to an old man named Osman Kargbo, aged 65, who also has three wives and a child.

Reports say amidst unpleasant moments at the married, she became pregnant and gave birth to a child. The child according to sources, was kidnapped by the husband (Osman) and taken to his poro bush at Madina Fullah village (where he was serving as head) for ritual human sacrifice.

Reports say one day, Osman took Zainab’s child on the pretext of taking the child to his sister at Magburaka for a visit.

Since then, she became uncomfortable and eager for the return of her child, until one day when she took a stance to travel to Magburaka to find out whether her child was there as said by Osman or not.

That decision reports say, landed Zainab into trouble in the hands of her husband. As she was already set for the investigative trip to Magburaka the next day, she was attacked the night before and abducted into the poro society bush by some unknown gallant men, where she was fortunately saved by her friend’s fiancé who was also a member of the society.

Reports say since that day, July 1st, 2022 when she escaped from the hands of the poro guys, she has not been spotted anywhere and both her husband and members of his poro society are still on the search for her.

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