Afrimoney and Orange Money services boost the Banking Sector

By Alim Jalloh

Festive seasons always comes with its challenges in the Banking sector, as a result of the mad rush for withdraw of money by customers, but the partnership with the MNO operators, especially Africell SL and Orange SL, there has been a huge relief in this sector.

 The introduction of Afrimoney and Orange Money created the way for easier & more comfortable financial transaction for customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, going to banks and other public financial places to transact business has become a national health risk. 

The introduction of the Mobile electronic financial dealings by this two giant MNOs, has increased the public confidence in the banking sector, reduced the risk of armed rubbery and other threats.

According to one of Sierra Leone’s finest Economist, Prince Jacob Macauley, the MNO innovation has contributed greatly in the GDP of the country.

Subscribers of Both Africell-SL and Orange-SL are now using the only fast, reliable and credible and cheapest form of financial Transaction.  

Afrimoney and Orange Money can be used to receive and send money anywhere in the country, as long as one has money in his/her phone. Afrimoney is now being used by most employers to pay their staffs and it has come in very handy and an efficient tool or device for workers who were not using banks to now have access to keeping money in their phones, which they can later send to loved ones, pay their electricity and other bills and do many other transactions.

Afrimoney and Orange Money are considered the best thing that ever happened to Sierra Leone, not only because it is a trendsetter, but because it is also easy to use by anyone, even by people that are not educated.

The MNOs, through the support from the National Telecommunication (NATCOM), has succeeded in offering the cheapest and best voice and data services for the people of Sierra Leone, and the 5 new regulations implemented by NATCOM will help to create a friendly and smooth operation between Government, MNOs and the public.

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