Ada Josephine Dumbuya declared wanted

Police Officers have declared Ada Josephine Dumbuya wanted in relation to the skirmishes that took place in Makeni.
Ada Josephine Dumbuya who was a resident of 7 Masuba road in Makeni city was alleged to have been among youth who were pelting stones at police officers on the day the SLPP led Government of President Julius Maada Bio sent a team to take the generator plant in Makeni and have it transferred to Lungi. The machine on question, according to investigation was given to the people of Makeni by Catholic Mission within the township as support to ease electricity challenges within the township. Makeni which happens to be the town of former President Ernest Bai Koroma started enjoying electricity when Ernest Bai Koroma was declared president in the 2007 election. It is understood that the government through the ministry of energy decided to relocate the thermal generating plant from Makeni to Lungi in order to ease the electricity challenges in that city. Lungi is located in the north but in another district. When news about the relocation of the thermal generating started floating the air, residents within the township of Makeni saw it as an undue influence and advantage against them by the Bio government. So they came out in Chinese numbers to protest and stop the relocation of the generating plant which is usually used as a complement to electricity within the Makeni whenever there is a power outage from Bumbuna. Therefore, Ada Josephine Dumbuya was among the protesters on that very day and she is also known to be a strong member of the All People’s Congress Party who is the major opposition in Sierra Leone. Her involvement in the protest was noticed by the police and whilst some youth were killed on that very day, Ada Jospehine Dumbuya almost lost her life whilst trying to escape from the scene. The Makeni skirmishes which took place on the 20th July 2020 left over thirty people arrested and sent to prison. In a report released by the Bombali District Human Rights Committee, the report states that a good number of youth (men and women) have been missing and that the government has failed to come out with an adequate explanation leading to the missing people.

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