Abdulai Sesay Narrowly Escapes Death At Hands Of Secret Society

Investigations mounted by this medium has revealed that a young man by the name of Abdulai Sesay, narrowly escaped death at the hands of one of the most dreaded secret society, the ‘Poro Secret Society’, after being abducted from his family home on 16th March 2019, in Makeni, Northern Sierra Leone.

According to our source, Abdulai Sesay was living in Makeni, Northern Sierra Leone, lost his father in the end of February 2019, who was the head of the Poro Secret Society, and as tradition of the society dictates, being the eldest son of his late father, he should replace him in the society. Abdulai had earlier lost his mother and was living with his wife and kids in Makeni. After the burial ceremony was over, members of the secret society came to his house late on that fateful day and informed him that his father, being the head of the society, had agreed before his death that on his demise, his eldest son, as tradition of the society demands, should replace him and be initiated. Upon this information, Abdulai vehemently rejected their suggestion on the grounds that he is a devout Muslim and his religion condemns such practice as demonic and selling one’s soul to the devil. He furthered that he had no business with the society when his father was alive and could see no reason to step into his shoes at his death.

Upon this outright rejection and denouncement of their suggestion by Abdulai, the members were infuriated and immediately grabbed him and dragged him from his house to the society shrine in the forest. Our source furthered that during the fracas between Abdulai and the society members, he was seriously beaten all the way to the shrine in the forest.

According to a close confidant, who wishes to remain anonymous, whilst at the secret society shrine, Abdulai is said to have been bound to a tree awaiting initiation. It was further disclosed that confusion ensued that night, when members of the society heard a strange sound, believed to be that of a wild animal, and many took to their heels for dear life. Abdulai is said to have been freed from the tree by an elderly society member, to save him from being devoured by the alleged beast. During the said commotion, Abdulai is said to have taken advantage of this situation to make good his escape and ran in the other direction of the forest, being pursued by some society youths.

According to family sources, they only knew about the disappearance of Abdulai when the society members stormed their house looking for him. Every part of the house was torn apart in their desperate search for Abdulai. As they could not find him, they threatened to kill him if they find him, as it is taboo for a non-initiate to enter their shrine and return alive. Since he was not initiated, he was therefore considered a non-initiate and should either be initiated by force or face the consequence, which is death.

Family sources say that according to their tradition, at the death of the father, who is the head of the society, his eldest son should automatically be initiated to take his place. Other sources told this medium that this has been the norm in the village, and has seen many young people leaving the village for fear of initiation, which is full of risk. The said initiation rites, they furthered, normally lasts for six months, and it was reported that during the process, which included very inhumane traditional rites, some of the new initiates died and their remains are not brought to the family, but are only told that their son has been taken by the Gods.The secret society is said to have mystical powers and is feared by citizens across the country.

According to family sources, Abdulai was abducted that night, and he later managed to escaped from the shrine and had flee out of the country since the start of March, 2019 and that the members of the secret society had stormed their house on several occasions, threatening to kill him when found, including anyone hiding him.

Unfortunately, such incidents of disappearances of would-be initiates go unreported, as it is taboo to even discuss it. This is even difficult to discuss with the police because a good number of them in top positions are members of such secret societies, and often boast of getting mystical powers from such secret societies. Politicians and non-politicians are members of the Poro Secret Society in the country. Most members are in the governance of the country, and in every high place in the country, there is a member. They have huge membership in the police force, the military, governance, politicians etc, and nothing will come out of any such report or enquiry.

This writer could not get the side of any of the society members, as discussing such matter was taboo.

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